SC order on the demand of compensation to the families

SC order- New Delhi: The Supreme Court has issued a verdict on the four lakhs compensation claim from the families of deceased corona patients. The Supreme Court ordered the government to compensate families for corona deaths. However, the court did not set the amount of compensation. The court also ordered the preparation of guidelines for the compensation of the families of deceased persons who lost their lives because of the crown.

The SC order that it is the statutory duty of NDMA to set compensation, demanding compensation of Rs 4 lakh from the families of those who died from Corona. He must give instructions to states within 6 weeks. What will be the amount of compensation, it should be decided by the government itself, since it has to spend much more significant expenses. Along with this, the process of obtaining the death certificate should also be simplified.

In a petition filed with the Supreme Court, the government requested financial assistance of Rs 4 lakh from the families of patients who lost their lives due to the corona. At the first hearing on the case, the central government said it was financially impossible to pay compensation. The government had argued that this would drain states’ disaster relief funds. The government had said that beyond providing financial compensation, the focus was on arrangements to deal with Corona and the well-being of the poor.

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