Role behind the fire of violence in Afghanistan exposed

Role behind the fire- New Delhi: During the United Nations Security Council meeting on the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, as well as the Taliban atrocities, Pakistan’s aid to terrorism was also exposed. Where Afghanistan exposed Pakistan’s role behind the Taliban. At the same time, India, which is leading this emergency meeting, said it was necessary to lay down the responsibility of those who promote terrorism. The members of the Security Council unanimously called for a ceasefire to prevent the violence in Afghanistan from turning into a humanitarian crisis.

Indian Ambassador TS Tirumurti, who is chairing this important meeting of the Security Council, said that for peace in Afghanistan it is necessary to eliminate terrorist shelters. At the same time, it is necessary to adopt a zero tolerance policy against any form of terrorism by eliminating the logistics lines that carry terrorists. India urged the Security Council, after reviewing the situation, to immediately take ceasefire measures for comprehensive peace in Afghanistan.

During the meeting, the representative of Afghanistan said that the Taliban have stepped up the brutal attacks, which has worsened the situation. At the same time, what is worrying is that foreign fighters are also involved with the Taliban. Not only that, Afghanistan’s Ambassador to the United Nations Ghulam Isqzai called on the Pakistani government to end the Taliban supply line, citing the aid received by Taliban fighters in Pakistan, the treatment being received in hospitals there.

He said that from raising funds for the Taliban in Pakistan to treating them, a lot of video evidence has been released. Isakzai said that the current situation is such a war the machine of which is run behind the scenes. The Afghan diplomat also spoke of relations with terrorist organizations such as Lashkar-e-Toiba, ETIM, IMU before the Security Council. Afghanistan called on the council to impose sanctions on the Taliban to pressure them to find a solution. Role behind the fire….

What the United States Said at the Security Council Meeting
Meanwhile, the United States said at the Security Council meeting that if the Taliban tried to seize power in Kabul by force, it would be internationally isolated. The United States, which is withdrawing its forces from Afghanistan, has strongly condemned the Taliban attacks, saying it is not possible to find a military solution to the current situation.

What did China say at the Security Council meeting
Not only that, the concerns of Pakistani friend at all times, China, have also come to the fore regarding the situation in Afghanistan. At the Security Council meeting, the representative of China said that no government should be formed in Afghanistan on the basis of power. However, China attributed the current situation to the US decision to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan.

All member countries of the Security Council, including France, Russia, Great Britain, Estonia and Norway, have expressed concern over the increase in violence in Afghanistan in recent years. He also condemned the violence against innocent civilians, medical teams and United Nations personnel.

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