Report says Galaxy S21 failure leads to alarm at Samsung, company plans special review of Mobile business

Samsung seems to be concerned about the latest performance of their mobile phone business.

The concern is reportedly due to the inefficiency of its Galaxy S21 series in global markets, as well as its takeover as world market leader by rival firms.

To address this issue, Samsung has launched a “special review” for its mobile business.

Testing will be slightly different from the “periodically updated” updates run by Samsung across all its businesses.

Periodic reviews are conducted every four to five years to monitor the performance of the business unit.

These so-called special updates, however, start when there seems to be a problem with a particular business unit. This is done without warnings and can lead to a complete business investigation.

A new report by The Elect suggests that Samsung has now launched a special review of its smartphone business.

The test comes as an extension to the standard management review that was done vertically.

According to the report, the review was supposed to end in July but has now been extended to the end of August.

Citing general sources on the subject, the report outlines two main reasons for special testing.

Samsung has been dealing with less than normal sales of their smartphones recently.

Until just a few years back, the company used to be the undisputed leader of the global mobile business business.

Report says Galaxy S21 failure leads to alarm at Samsung

It now sees part of its markets losing its competitors.
Most of these competitions are based on high donations.

According to Strategy Analytics, Samsung ranks fourth in the global 5G market share.

Containing only 12.5 percent of the market, Apple outscored its rival by 29.8 percent.

Oppo and Vivo managed to get the highest share, too, with 15.8 percent and 14.3 percent of the total.

Samsung reportedly sold about 13.5 million units for the Galaxy S21 series in the first half of the year.

The previous one, the Galaxy S20 series, sold about 20 million units, while the previous versions of the Galaxy S series sold more than 30 million units.

At this point, Samsung may also lose its sales target for the Galaxy S21, which already operates almost all of its previous Galaxy flagships.

Another great call for the rise of technology manager came in the form of the latest level of Conterpoint Research.

Market research states that in June 2021, Xiaomi became the leading brand in monthly smartphone sales for the first time.

Xiaomi has got Samsung in the top spot. This could be a temporary change of position due to the production of Samsung’s Covid-19 Vietnamese wave.

While it emphasizes that while Samsung used to be miles before the competition in the global market share, the race is now a little closer to the company.

In addition to the low-cost smartphone sales, Samsung Mobile is also facing consumer issues.

The report shows that MediaTek recently told Samsung that it would not be able to meet all of its orders.

In addition to the ongoing chip shortages, the rejection may also be driven by Samsung’s declining position in the smartphone market.

India Today Tech has reached out to Samsung and will update this issue in the event of a response.

At the moment, it looks like an internal review is a firm desire for the company to fix anything that is wrong with its smartphone business before it is too late.

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