Reopening of schools: Jharkhand will reopen schools for grades 6 to 8

Reopening of school :-a continuous decline in COVID-19 cases in Jharkhand, the state government on Thursday allowed schools to conduct offline classes for class 6-8 from September 20.

Reopening of school:-

With COVID-19 cases continuing to decline in Jharkhand, the state government on Thursday allowed schools to run offline classes for grades 6-8 starting September 20.

With all COVID-19 protocols in mind, the state government has issued standard operating procedures (SOPs) for schools.

According to the notice released by the Jharkhand Disaster Management Division, schools will now use a co-education mode in the state, that is, online and offline classes.

“Attendance will not be mandatory for students to attend offline classes. And the tutor’s prior consent will be mandatory for students to opt for offline classes,” the statement said.

In order to maintain social distancing,after Reopening of school group activities and offline exams are prohibited in all schools. All students and staff are required to wear masks that properly cover their mouth and nostrils.

In addition, teachers are required to receive COVID-19 vaccines before going to schools for offline lessons.

The state government has also advised schools to use air conditioning whenever possible, instead of having fresh air ventilation in indoor spaces.

For grades 6-12, schools should not exceed offline lessons by more than four hours, i.e. 12 hours.

Currently, the state has only 110 active cases of coronavirus infection, bringing the total number of cases to 3,48,096.

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