Raj Kundra sent to jail custody in pornography case

Raj Kundra has been sentenced to 14 days in prison for pornography. Raj Kundra was arrested by the Mumbai Police Criminal Section on the night of July 19. Raj Kundra is accused of making pornographic films. After that, the court first ordered the custody until July 23. After that, his police custody was again extended until July 27. Today the court sent him into pre-trial detention.

What did the police say in court today

Police told the court that the debit accounts of Raj Kundra Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank had been frozen. There is a deposit of Rs 1 crore 13 lakh at Kotak Mahindra bank.
The Criminal Branch has appealed to all victims linked to this case who have not yet come forward.

A victim appeared before the Criminal Branch on July 26 and also made her statement to the Criminal Branch.
When police inquired about the Apple Store hotshot, it was found that Rs 1.64 crore had been received. The payment information has yet to come from Google.
Records related to foreign transactions were found in Red Raj Kundra’s office on July 24.
Hotshots earnings and payments chats were received from Raj Kundra’s mobile and Ryan’s Mac Book.
Suffice to say that so far many arrests have been made in this case. Mumbai Police have so far arrested 10 people, including Raj Kundra, for their alleged involvement in the production of porn films and their dissemination via mobile apps.

This question was raised in February of this year. An actress had filed a complaint with the Mumbai police. Raj Kundra is said to be linked to a London-based company that was involved in distributing pornographic content through Hotshots, a mobile app.

Raj Kundra is a British Indian businessman. In 2004, he was ranked as the 198th richest British Asian by Success. His father, Bal Krishan Kundra was a middle-class businessman and his mother Usha Rani Kundra was a shop assistant when he was a child.

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