Railway projects started in Gujarat PM Modi

Railway projects- Prime Minister Narendra Modi has offered many projects to Gujarat (Railway projects). Virtually inaugurated Gandhinagar station. Along with this, he also pointed out the Gandhinagar-Varanasi train. The Robotics, Nature and Aquatic Park was also inaugurated. At the same time, he inaugurated the new Vadnagar station, where he sold tea as a child. Vadnagar in the Mehsana district of Gujarat is also the hometown of the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Modi said: “Today, Vadnagar is also part of the expansion. I have so many memories attached to Vadnagar station. The new station is really attractive. With the construction of this new wide line track, the heritage circuit Vadnagar-Modhera-Patan is now connected to a better rail service.

The Prime Minister said that the needs of 21st century India cannot be met by 20th century methods. A new reform of the railways was therefore necessary (Railway projects). We started to work to develop the railways not only as a service but as an asset. Today, its results are visible. Prime Minister Modi said that today the country’s goal is not only to erect concrete structures, but today such infrastructure is being built in the country which has its own character.

PM Modi said that for children’s natural development, as well as entertainment, their learning and creativity should also have space. Science City is a project that combines recreation and recreation. It has such recreational activities which encourage creativity in children.

In his remarks, he said that the aquatic gallery built in Science City was going to be even nicer. It is one of the best aquariums not only in the country but also in Asia. The sight of marine biodiversity from around the world in one place is a wonderful experience in itself.

The Prime Minister said: “The interaction with the robots in the Robotics Gallery is not only the center of attraction, but it will also inspire our young people to work in the field of robotics. It will arouse curiosity in the minds of children.

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