Rahul Gandhi’s counterattack on PM Modi’s attack in Parliament, know what he said?

PM Modi’s Speech to Parliament: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has once again attacked Congress. Responding to the discussion on the vote of thanks on the President’s address to the Rajya Sabha, Prime Minister Modi said that the Congress is somehow under the control of the urban Naxalites and they control his ideology. At the same time, he said he should change his name from “Indian National Congress” to “Federation of Congress”.

Referring to Rahul Gandhi’s statement that ‘India is not a nation and it is a union of states’, Prime Minister Modi said that even now Congress is called the word ‘nation’ for India. There is an objection. He said the idea was “unconstitutional”. Recently, when discussing the vote of thanks at the President’s address, Rahul Gandhi fiercely targeted the Modi government.

Prime Minister Modi said that the country’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru failed to help the Satyagrahis fight the liberation struggle in Goa to salvage their peace-loving international image and because of this the state coast was called India. Gained freedom from Portuguese rule after about 15 years of independence.

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Now on this statement by Prime Minister Modi, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi has given a strong reaction. The Congress leader said: “They’re scared of Congress, there’s some panic because Congress is telling the truth. He’s got a whole marketing business. They’re his friends. The lie is out there. That fear, it’s same thing happened in Parliament. All the talk was about Congress, about Jawaharlal Nehru, what didn’t Congress do? He said nothing about the promises made by the BJP.

Rahul Gandhi said, “Nehru served the country all his life, no certificate is needed from anyone about him. Other people in our family have also done a lot.” He said: “I had said three things. The first thing is that two Hindustans are being created, one of which is for millions of people and the other is for rich people. Secondly, I said that all our institutions are being captured one after another causing loss to the country The third thing was said that due to the failure of the Prime Minister’s foreign policy minister, China and Pakistan are becoming one, which is a very dangerous thing for the country. The minister did not respond to these three things.

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