Rabi Crops: cabinet approves increase in wheat MSP

Rabi Crops MSP: Amid continued turmoil by farmers at Delhi’s borders, the Modi government announced a new Minimum Support Price (MSP) for other Rabi crops, including wheat. The new rate was approved at the Union Cabinet meeting today.

According to the cabinet decision, the minimum purchase price for wheat has been increased by Rs 40 per quintal. The purchase price of wheat has been increased from Rs 1975 per quintal to Rs 2015 per quintal. According to the government, the cost of producing wheat is estimated at 1008 rupees per quintal and in this sense the farmers have been claimed to give 100 percent more profit than the cost price.

Masoor MSP increased by Rs 400 per quintal

Likewise, the purchase price per gram has been increased from Rs 130 to Rs 5,230 per quintal. The government claims it’s 74 percent more than the estimated cost per gram. Regarding other crops, the purchase price of barley has been increased from Rs 35 per quintal to Rs 1635 per quintal. At the same time, the MSP for lentils has been increased from Rs 400 per quintal to Rs 5,500 per quintal.

The MSP of mustard has also been increased from Rs 400 per quintal on the purchase price to Rs 5050, which, according to the government, is 100% higher than the cost price. The new rate will apply to Rabi Crops sown in October-November, which will be sold between April-June 2022 next year.

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