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Public will be responsible for the third wave : survey

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Public- New Delhi: If the third wave of Kovid hits the country, then the general public can be held responsible. According to IANS C Voter Tracker, 57% of people believe it. They believe the corona rules are being violated by the public and there is a danger of a third wave. According to the tracker, only 34% will blame the government for the third wave. The tracker sample size is 1815.

However, there is concern about the availability of vaccination as 47% said the vaccine dose was not yet readily available and there was a long wait time. Less than 42 percent, however, said vaccine doses are now readily available.

People also felt that the government reacted late to the oxygen crisis. 51 percent said the government made the late decision to set up medical oxygen facilities in each district, while 38 percent said the decision was made at the right time.

While Owaisi’s party won’t win a single seat in UP,
52% of those polled in the IANS CVOTER Live Tracker said Owaisi’s party will not win a single seat in the legislative elections. Only 28% responded that AIMIM would be able to replicate its outstanding performance in Uttar Pradesh from Bihar and Maharashtra. Other interviewees did not comment on AIMIM’s performance in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections to be held early next year.

In the IANS CVoter Live Tracker, 45% of people said that all ruling parties in different states did not use violence or abuse the machinery of government to win local elections. 35 percent of those surveyed expressed a different opinion. 19.8 percent of those polled were unsure whether all ruling parties were using such tactics to win local elections.

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