Price of oil rose again, the prices in your city

Price of oil rose again Petrol Diesel Price Today 12 May: The price of petrol and diesel rises again. Oil companies have increased their prices by 25-25 paise.
Petrol Diesel Price: There is a steady increase in petrol and diesel prices. Oil companies have raised their prices again today. Petrol and diesel prices have been increased by 25-25 paise per liter. With this increase, the price of petrol in Delhi was Rs 92.05 and the price of diesel was Rs 82.61 per liter. Following today’s increase, petrol prices in Mumbai have been increased to Rs 98.36 per liter and diesel prices to Rs 89.75 per liter. price of oil rose again.

Petrol in Chennai was increased to Rs 98.84 and diesel was increased to Rs 87.49 per liter. On the other hand, if you are talking about Kolkata, then petrol is Rs 92.16 and diesel is 85.45 liters. Petrol has reached 100 at Bhopal. Here the price of petrol is Rs 100.08 a liter, while the price of diesel has been increased to Rs 90.95 per liter. In Jaipur, the price of petrol was 98 rupees 47 paise and 91 diesel 20 rupees paise. price of oil rose again

For the past two months, the electoral process has been going on in many provinces, at a time when there has been no increase in oil prices. During this time, however, the prices of petrol and diesel are gradually reduced. Petrol has cost about 1.68 paise per liter seven days after the election.

Let us know that petrol and diesel prices change at 6am daily. These changes are made on the basis of exchange rates and crude oil prices on world markets. Many items are included in the price of petrol and diesel, including excise duty, sales commission.

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