Presentations for Sony SRS-XP700, SRS-XP500 and SRS-XG500 group, price starts at Rs 26,999

Sony has introduced a new range of party speakers in India. The three new models fall under Sony’s X series and are portable party speakers.

These wireless speakers are SRS-XP700, SRS-XP500 and SRS-XG500.

While the SRS-XP700 and SRS-XP500 are your standard party speakers, the SRS XG-500 showcases the modern construction of the boombox.

All the new speakers come with Sony’s own X-Balance speakers with Mega Bass and Live Sound Mode.

All three models will be sold locally from August 10. The price of the Sony SRS-XP700 in India is set at Rs 26,990, the SRS-XP500 costs Rs 32,990 and the SRS-XG500 is also priced at Rs 32,990.

Sony has also announced a few pre-book special offers for its customers.

Those who book in advance for any of these types between August 10 and August 16, will receive a Sony F-V120 // C microphone at a cost of Rs 1490 at no additional cost.

All speakers can be pre-booked through Sony stores (Sony Center and Sony Exclusive), portal, supermarkets and e-commerce sites in India.

Features of Sony SRS-XP700, SRS-XP500 and SRS-XG500
X-Series speakers that appear come in a cylindrical design.

The SRS-XP700 and SRS-XP500 can stand upside down to create a group atmosphere while the SRS XG-500 is portable and handles to handle.

Presentations for Sony SRS-XP700, SRS-XP500 and SRS-XG500 group

All of these speakers include Sony X-Balance speakers and a non-circular diaphragm which the company claims to produce less distorted sound by increasing the speaker area.

There is a Mega Bass feature to give you advanced bass on speakers. They also include live sound-like sound mode.

All of these speakers come with IP standards or protection from dust and water. The SRS-XP700 and SRS-XP500 have an IPX4 rating while the SRS XG-500 comes with an IP66 rating.

One of the great features of these speakers is the large built-in battery life. The IXG500 can offer up to 30 hours of music playback.

The equivalent of the XP7000 and X500 is 25 hours and 20 hours, respectively.

There are many connectivity options including Bluetooth, Aux in and port to connect Guitar or Microphone.

The IXG500 also comes with a USB playback feature that allows you to connect a smartphone to a speaker using a USB cable. It can also charge the device while songs appear on it.

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