Prashant Kishor resigns as ‘Principal Advisor’ to CM

Prashant Kishor- CHANDIGARH: Electoral strategist resigned as “senior adviser” to chief minister Captain Amarinder Singh just ahead of the Punjab assembly elections. Prashant Kishor was named CM Amarinder’s “Senior Advisor” this year. Legislative elections will be held in Punjab next year. Prashant Kishor took charge of the congressional election campaign in the 2017 Punjab Assembly elections.

What did Prashant Kishor say?

Giving information on his decision, He told CM Amarinder Singh: “In view of my decision to take temporary leave from my active role in public life, I am not in a position to take on the responsibilities as a ” senior advisor “. I ask you to please relieve me of this responsibility.

It’s worth mentioning that Kishor has said his I-PAC team is solving the political equations, but he doesn’t feel like doing it for a very long time. Previously, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi had reflected with party leaders on Prashant Kishor’s proposal to join Congress.

Will PK join Congress?

Most congressional leaders believed Congress would benefit from his arrival. According to party sources, the meeting was called by Rahul Gandhi on July 22 and its main agenda was to discuss the role to be given to him if he joins the party and the pros and cons of the party. However, nothing has been said about Prashant Kishor and Congress has also officially said nothing about it.

Prashant Kishor is an Indian political strategist and tactician. He was employed under Janata Dal in September 2018 as their political strategist and tactician. He was suspended from the party on 29 January 2020 for criticizing party head Nitish Kumar’s supportive stand on Citizenship Amendment Act.

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