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PM Modi on Afghanistan and terrorism

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PM Modi on Afghanistan: On the situation in Afghanistan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today that if instability and fundamentalism persist, it will encourage terrorist and extremist ideologies all over the world. Other extremist groups can also be encouraged to seek power through violence.

Addressing the annual summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) held in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, Prime Minister Modi said: “The change of power in Afghanistan is not inclusive and happened without dialogue ”.

Prime Minister Modi said developments in Afghanistan could lead to an uncontrolled flow of narcotics, illegal weapons and human trafficking. At the same time, he said that together we must ensure that humanitarian aid reaches Afghanistan without interruption.

PM Modi said: “Recent developments in Afghanistan will have the greatest impact on neighboring countries like us. And therefore, there is a need to focus and cooperate at the regional level on this issue.

The prime minister said India has been a trusted development and humanitarian aid partner of Afghanistan for many years. In all sectors, from infrastructure to education, health and captive hemorrhage, and in all parts of Afghanistan, we have made our contribution.

The Prime Minister said: “Even today we want to deliver food, medicine, etc. to our Afghan friends. We must all work together to ensure that humanitarian aid reaches Afghanistan unimpeded.

Let us tell you that on August 15 of last month, the Taliban captured all of Afghanistan except Panjshir. After that, the Taliban announced the formation of the government on September 7. Thousands and thousands of people left Afghanistan after the capture of the Taliban. A humanitarian crisis erupted in front of Afghanistan.

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