People who apply for ITR online are now subject to Section 234F fee, possibly due to bugs

people applying for income tax returns ITR today face new challenges, as the new income tax website charges taxpayers late payment from today, August 1.

ITR until September 30. However, persons who submitted their tax returns on August 1 or later, have been fined Rs 5,000 under Section 234F income tax.

Section 234F income tax was introduced on April 1, 2017 and makes taxpayers pay a maximum penalty of Rs 10,000 if they file tax returns in excess of the deadline.

This category applies to all categories of individuals – HUF, AOP, BOI, BOI, company, company etc.

While the government has extended the deadline for submitting income tax returns, the website seems to have not been updated yet.

That is why many users have apparently been fined Rs 5,000. According to tax directives, people with an annual income of less than Rs 5 lakh must pay a fine of Rs 1,000 by submitting tax returns on December 31 and those earning more than that, will be fined Rs 5,000.

The income tax site has been facing many glitches recently and this seems to be the latest addition to the long list.

Therefore, in the event that you file your tax return on July 31 and are charged Rs 5,000, there is no need to panic. The matter should be resolved within the next few days by the revenue department.

“The company that runs the Income Tax website has already accepted the challenges. Penalty may be due to one of these technical issues. As CBDT gas extends the date of the introduction of each ITR to September the sentence should not be imposed, ”Jitender Solanki, SEBI’s registered financial adviser, told India Today Tech.

The government has decided to extend the deadline for submitting income tax returns or ITRs last month due to the current situation of Covid-19, which provides taxpayers assistance.

However, no benefits are provided for tax interest charges that a taxpayer has to pay in the event of a outstanding tax debt, either under self-assessment or early tax.

Taxpayers will still be required to pay interest in the event of a delay in the payment of taxes under sections three – 234A, 234B and 234C – of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Section 234A is charged in the event of a delay in entering the ITR and the tax rate is one percent per month.

It is fair to say that even if the ITR is delayed by a few days, interest is charged on a full month under this category.

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