Pakistan role in Afghanistan peace will be important

Pakistan- WASHINGTON: The United States has said that Pakistan will play an important role in the peace process in Afghanistan and that Pakistan will benefit the most from peace in the neighboring country. “We appreciate Pakistan’s efforts to advance the Afghan peace process and bring stability to South Asia, including by encouraging the Taliban to engage in constructive dialogue,” State Department spokesman Ned said on Monday. Price, at a daily press conference. ‘

Ned Price said: “Pakistan is going to benefit greatly and its role is going to be important. , as well as those desired by many countries in the region. We will therefore continue to work and engage with Pakistani partners on this issue.

Pakistani NSA did not meet with Blinken
Pakistani national security adviser Moeed Yusuf last week met with US security adviser Jake Sullivan. “The (Pakistani) national security adviser has not met with the secretary of state (Tony Blinken),” Price said. Responding to a question, he referred to China’s recent statement on the Afghan peace process that the peace process was Afghan-led. And should belong to the Afghans.

We will continue to do together to achieve common goals
” the mail somewhere in the interest, especially in the areas that we would like in Afghanistan, the PRC (People’s Republic of China) that you want in Afghanistan and what the international border community wants in Afghanistan. We will continue to explore ways to work together to achieve common goals.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Ned Price has said that Pakistan will play an important role in the peace process in Afghanistan. Pakistan will benefit the most from peace in Afghanistan.

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