Oxygen can now be carried in the pocket like a sanitizer

Oxygen-The second wave of the corona virus outbreak has taken its toll in India. During this wave, many people died from lack of oxygen. There was an uproar over it everywhere. The Corona virus has not yet left our midst. People are always advised to wear masks and disinfectants with them. At the same time, with the disinfectant, you will also be able to carry it in your pocket. Yes, such technology was invented thanks to which you will be able to take an oxygen cylinder with you. Let us know.

In fact, Dr Sandeep Patil, a former student of IIT Kanpur and E-Spin Nanotech Pvt Ltd, created a bottle named Oxyrise, in which 10 liters of gaseous oxygen can be stored. His specialty is that if someone’s health deteriorates, they can be taken to the hospital giving them a few injections of oxygen through this bottle. The price for this very useful oxygen cylinder has been set at just Rs 499. You can buy it online.

Dr Sandeep Patil will be able to give oxygen by vaporizing it in the mouth, explains that because of this serious oxygen problem in this era of epidemic, it was invented. It is portable and can be easily used in an emergency. According to Patil, a special device has also been installed in this bottle, through which it can be administered by spraying into the patient’s mouth. Its sale is made from the website of the company swasa.in. Currently, 1000 bottles are produced per day.

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