Oppo patents three phones with an extra display in the background

Oppo is about a new breakthrough in consumer technology. It recently showed a retractable camera, which is the first such technology in the world. But much of Oppo’s technology is not the first in its kind but in imitation.

One such example could be Oppo’s concept machines with rear-view mirrors. Oppo patents at least three devices and they all have a background display with different designs.

Photos acquired by LetsGoDigital show three Oppo phones with the same background image. Although they come in different sizes and shapes.

For example, while one phone has a circular rear display inside a circular camera, the other has a rectangular display with cameras focused on it. The third has a rectangular display inside a round camera tube.

I used the word to mimic some of Oppo’s technology. That is because the company intends to immerse itself in technology by overcoming the problems that arose in the first versions. Background displays are not new. Xiaomi has it in its Mi 11 Ultra phone.

So is Meizu in Meizu Pro 7. Vivo also has it in Nex Dual Display. And now it is possible that Oppo is planning at least three phones with rear displays.

Copyrights do not reveal much about the use of these display designs. It is not yet clear whether these displays are touch screen or not.

But from what I understand, considering the front smartphones with backlinks and folding phones, Oppo will use the backlinks to get notifications, photos you take, and the display is always open. These displays can double as the previews of photos you have taken.

Copyright in this section does not imply that they will translate into real-world devices. And while Oppo is likely to present at least one of them, the company may have received a certificate that these projects prevent its competitors from using their designs.

That is a must if Oppo wants to stay on top of the world of unique and unique smartphone designs. But whether a phone like this will become a reality is only a matter of time.

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