One refusal by Saroj Khan changed fate of Farah Khan!

One refusal- Choreographer Farah Khan is known in the industry for her talent as well as her impeccable demeanor. However, it’s not that Farah doesn’t have friends in the industry due to her simplicity, from Shahrukh Khan to Karan Johar and Akshay Kumar would be friends of Farah. In today’s article, let us know some interesting things related to Farah …

Farah Khan’s father had a bad habit of drinking alcohol, due to which he passed away. It is said that after the father left, the responsibilities of the house came to Farah. There is also an interesting story behind how Farah’s luck shone. The epic Bollywood film “Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander” is said to have been turned down by veteran choreographer Saroj Khan due to date issues. In such a situation, by Farah’s luck he got this movie which turned out to be a super hit, it is said that after that Farah never looked back.

One refusal-Farah is not only a brilliant choreographer but she has also played sporadic roles in many films. Another interesting thing about Farah Khan is that she is very afraid of injections. It is said that whenever Farah has to go to the doctor, she avoids getting injections. According to media reports, Farah taught the dance steps not only in Bollywood but even to international celebrities. These include from Kylie Minogue to Shakira.
If we are talking about the career front, then Farah is not only a choreographer, but she also does theater, directing to judge many reality dance shows. Not only that, Farah has also hosted numerous awards shows and talk shows.

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