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ODI- India’s fast bowlers got all 10 batsmen out of Eng !

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ODI record: In the first ODI against India, the English hosts were reduced to 110 runs. This is England’s lowest score against India. Earlier in 2006, against India, the entire England team was eliminated after scoring 125 runs.

Meanwhile, it is the sixth time in ODI cricket that all 10 players from the opposing team have been dismissed by Indian fast bowlers. Also, for the first time in today’s game when the Indian fast bowlers fired all 10 batsmen in the second inning.

Indian fast bowlers have achieved this feat for the sixth time

The first time Indian fast bowlers fired all 10 batsmen of the opposing team was in 1983, the match was played between India and Australia at Chelmsford. In 1983, against the West Indies, the Indian fast bowlers achieved this feat for the second time, this match was played at Lord’s. After that in 1997 all 10 batsmen of Pakistan were fired by the fast bowlers of India, this game was played in Toronto.

England’s lowest score against India

In the 2003 World Cup, all 10 Sri Lankan batsmen were sacked by Indian fast bowlers, this match was played in Johannesburg. Meanwhile, in 2014 against Bangladesh, India’s fast bowlers repeated this feat. Today it happened for the sixth time in this game against England, when all 10 batsmen fell victim to Indian fast bowlers. Other than that, England had their lowest score against India in the first ODI, before England’s lowest score against India was 125 runs.

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