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Non-payment of credit card bill can attract heavy penalty

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Non-payment- Credit Card Interest Rates: Digitization has increased rapidly in recent years in India. In such a situation, people also started using credit cards a lot. Many banks and companies continue to offer different types of offers to entice customers.

These days, most people prefer to use a credit card when shopping online. For this reason, many banks and e-commerce companies also continue to offer various programs to entice customers.

But, often people start shopping online without needing to show up and later face heavy fines for not paying the bill (Non-payment). Credit card lending is like a quagmire that people often get stuck in. The main reason for this is that many credit card penalties are charged there at different rates.

Many banks have also changed their pricing rules. In case of non-payment of money every month, the customer may have to deposit a penalty of up to Rs 1200. So let us know-

State Bank of India credit card fees
If you have an SBI credit card and you need to pay less than Rs 500, you won’t have to pay any extra charge for it. On the other hand, an additional Rs 400 may need to be paid on the bill ranging from Rs 501 to Rs 1000. On the other hand, from Rs 1001 to Rs 10,000, you may need to pay an additional payment of Rs 1300 The same cash advance fee of 2.5% is levied.

HDFC Credit Card:
If you have an HDFC Bank credit card and you will not have to pay any fees for payment less than Rs.100. On the other hand, up to Rs 100-500, you may have to pay a late fee of Rs 100, while up to Rs 501-5000, you may have to pay a fee of Rs 500. On the other hand, 5001-10000 will be charged Rs 600, 10001-25000 will be charged Rs 800. On the other hand, a fine of Rs 1100 will be imposed on Rs 25001-50000 and Rs 1300 on more than 50,000.

ICICI credit card (ICICI credit card)
No payment shall be made in less than 100 on the credit card of ICICI Bank, the largest bank in the private sector. On the other hand, up to Rs 100-500, you will have to pay Rs 100 as late fees, up to Rs 501-5000 you will have to pay Rs 500 as a fine. While 5001-10000 will be fined Rs 750, 10001-25000 will be fined Rs 900. More than Rs 50,000 will be charged as a fine of Rs 1200.

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