Nestle, under fire for unhealthy products, is working on a new strategy

Nestle said on Monday he was working on reviving a healthy and healthy diet plan after the Financial Times reported that a document inside the food giant described a large portion of its food and beverages as unhealthy.

The newspaper said it had seen an internal submission to senior management earlier this year stating that more than 60% of Nestle’s regular food and beverage fund would not be considered healthy under the “known health definition”.
The newspaper said the test applies to almost half of Nestle’s entire fund because categories such as healthy food, pet food, coffee and infant formula were not included in the study.

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Kepler Cheuvreux analyst Jon Cox said combining these categories would significantly reduce the number of products that could be considered unhealthy.
“Considering the confectionery, ice cream, and pizza businesses, the actual turnout for the group from 2021 will be 28%, which is not surprising,” he said in his letter. He said the report could point to changes in the product portfolio, especially the release of major chemicals.
Nestle said in a statement that we were working on a “comprehensive company plan” to review its health and wellness strategy and to look at its entire portfolio to ensure that its products help meet people’s nutritional needs.

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It said it reduced sugar and sodium in its products by about 14-15% over the past seven years and will continue to make its products healthier.
Nestle shares were up 0.2% at 0951 GMT, broadly in line with the European food sector.

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