Mystery Planet 9 Available on Edge Of Solar System, 10-20 Times Larger Earth: Experts

Ever since Pluto was demoted to the planet 9 position, the scientific community has been searching for its place. Yes, scientists may be close enough to do so as researchers now challenge the existence of a mysterious object enveloped in cosmic darkness beyond the previous planet, Neptune.

Pluto was deposed on the ‘short planet’ by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) in 2006 and our solar system has only eight planets since then.

The Mystery of the Planet 9

News of the existence of Planet 9 has been circulating since astronomer Michael Brown, of the California Institute of Technology, put forward his idea a few years ago.

Notably, it was Brown who was authorized to demolish Pluto as he had discovered that the planet did not meet the criteria for nomination.

As astronomers say, Planet 9 is hanging somewhere near the end of the solar system. In an interview with CBS News, Brown pointed out that Planet 9 is about 10 to 20 times larger than Earth and takes 15,000 years to complete a single solar cycle.

Proof of Planet 9

A report by Phy.Org suggested that few experts are confident of the existence of an invisible planet after experiencing the amazing effects of maturation on tiny ice objects outside the solar system also called the Kuiper Belt Objects (KBO).

The Kuiper belt is a region that begins beyond the borders of Neptune. Media reports said that astronomers recorded KBOs not to be randomly dispersed but to come together, pointing to something with gravity.

According to a BBC report, the hypothetical planetary orbit is likely to be radically distorted and orbited 600 times that of the Earth and the Sun (90 billion kilometers).

Where did it come from?

According to a BBC report, astronomers have suggested three ideas about its existence.

The report states that man may have been the first to be formed and placed in his current position and another theory suggests that he was stolen from another star billions of years ago while the Sun was still in his galaxy.

The third theory, preferred by Brown’s colleague Konstantin Batygin, is that Planet 9 must have been born before any other planet and pushed to the edge of other planets. While not everyone agrees with it, some experts even say that a mysterious object could be a black hole.

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