Munavwar Rana son Tabrez Rana arrested by police

Munavwar Rana- Tabrez Rana arrested: Munavwar Rana’s son, Tabrez Rana, was arrested by police on Wednesday. Tabrez reportedly shot himself to implicate his uncle. Tabrez Rana was seen with the shooter in CCTV footage. Earlier, police said Tabrez had hatched a plot to implicate his uncle by shooting himself. Tabrez wanted to involve his uncle in a real estate dispute.

What is the problem?

It should be noted that on June 28, criminals opened fire on Tabrez at Rae Bareli. However, Tabrez narrowly escaped the shooting. This attack occurred as Tabrez was going to refuel in his car. Two shots were fired at Tabrez. Tabrez Rana was then in Rae Bareli in his native residence. After the attack, Munawwar said that members of his own family were hostile to the land conflict and that these same people would have succeeded in carrying out the attack.

A plot dismantled by CCTV

In this case, Rae Bareli’s police said that on the basis of an interrogation and an investigation into CCTV footage, this plot had been detected. Last month, SP Shlok Kumar said Tabrez and his accomplices Haleem and Sultan had plotted a plot. Tabrez had hatched this plot to implicate his uncle in a land dispute. The SP said Haleem sent two shooters named Satendra and Shubham to shoot. He said that Haleem, Sultan, Satendra and Shubham have been arrested. The bicycle and the pistol used in the incident were recovered. Tabrez is still wanted and efforts are being made to stop him.

Munawwar Rana had accused the police of misconduct

In this regard, Munavwar’s family said that the police harassed them unnecessarily. After the police search on it, Munawwar Rana said it looked like it was Kashmir and terrorists live here. He said the police also behaved badly with him. The police entered the room directly. There were also housekeepers in the room. Rana said the police should have spoken to me. My son is not a criminal. I am not the father of any criminal.

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