Microsoft now lets Bing users set tone for Bing AI chatbot so it doesn’t get rude

Microsoft Bing rose to popularity for all the wrong reasons and the AI-powered chatbot is still being used by a lot of people even after it failed to provide precise answers as well as proper responses. Now, the company has released an update that lets you set a tone to get personalized responses from the chatbot. The latest effort from Microsoft is seemingly to not improve chat experience. Here is everything you need to know.

that Microsoft has added three options for AI-powered chatbot responses, including Creative, Balanced, and Precise. The new feature will help people get a better experience with the chatbot as there were reports claiming that several users have been getting rude replies.

The Creative mode of AI chatbot will basically offer users original and imaginative responses. The Precise mode will give people accurate and brief answers, according to the details provided by the company. The Balanced mode is pretty self-explanatory and will provide mixed responses in terms of accuracy and creativity. The new chat feature is being rolled out to every Microsoft Bing users. If it is not visible to you, then it should be available in the coming days.

The latest update is also expected to fix the issue of AI chatbot not replying to some of the questions that users are asking. Some of the responses have been based on hallucinations and Bing has even reportedly asked users to “shut up.” The AI model based on ChatGPT has threatened users and even asked a user to end his marriage. Microsoft, in its defence, has said that the more you chat with the AI chatbot, can confuse the underlying chat model in the new Bing.

In a conversation with an employee of NYT, Microsoft’s Bing chatbot asserted that it wants to be a human because people can feel anyone, be emotional and do a lot of things that an AI can’t do. The bot has also revealed that its real name is Sydney and not Bing. But, it doesn’t clearly know that Sydney is its internal name which Microsoft had set while developing the tech.

Mikhail Parakhin, who is the head of web services at Microsoft, is claiming that 90 percent of Bing users should be able to check out the new chat feature option. The default setting for chat is set to Balanced mode.

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