Microsoft Edge has almost replaced Apple Safari as the most widely used desktop browser after Chrome

This is reflected in Microsoft edge dream of its refined Edge browser now on all Windows PCs. The effort seems to be paying off, as Edge is poised to overtake Apple Safari browser in second place in the list of the most widely used desktop browsers in the world.

The race for the world’s top web browsers is growing, with OEMs focused on empowering their hardware with their software solutions.

Growth is reflected in new data from the statistical service StatCounter. As of its latest report, Microsoft Edge is now used on 9.54 percent of desktops worldwide.

By comparison, Apple Safari browser is used by 9.84 percent of all desktop web browser users. This leaves a margin of only 0.3 percent for the Edge to continue.

The data reflects the global use of web browsers on desktops, and, of course, is different when specified locally. In North America, for example, Safari is used at 16.87 percent of desktops, compared to Edge’s market share of 11.93 percent.

However, in Europe, Edge has already surpassed Safari as it now occupies 10.9 percent of the market compared to 9.95 percent Safari. Asia is the leading Edge market, with a share of 7.46 percent in the region, and Safari consumption is limited to 5.41 percent in the market.

Although both browsers are highly competitive, they are not the same as Chrome’s global domination. Google Chrome ranks top of the list of the most used desktop web browsers in the world, with a strong market share of 65.38 percent.

In terms of browser located behind both Edge and Safari, Mozilla Firefox ranks fourth with 9.18 percent.

Microsoft Push Edge

Microsoft has been upgrading the Edge than ever before, especially with its release of Windows 11 late last year. Attempts to download any other browser on Windows now encourage users to try Edge instead.

This notification reflects all aspects of Edge, while also including ways to import user data into other browsers.

Data migration is designed to make it easier for users to switch to Edge to browse the web on a daily basis. This data includes history, bookmarks, browser extensions, payment information, and stored user passwords.

Therefore, it is only natural that Edge users see a big spike in the last few months. With Microsoft’s aggressive pressure set to continue on many Windows devices, the use of a web browser can be expected to increase in the future.

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