Marshall introduced Motif TWS ears with active audio cancellation

While people waited in the spirit inspired by Apple to launch AirPods 3 at a California event, another premium brand Marshall introduced its first TWS ears with active audio cancellation. Marshall had removed the cover from the Motif ANC and Minor III.

The company is known for its speakers and headphones but had previously introduced two wireless ears to the market. The Motif ANC is the first company ears that come with effective audio cancellation.

The Motif ANC and Minor III came to the charging case with holes with the Marshall logo embedded in the front. The Motif ANC is similar to the build of the Apple AirPods Pro while the Minor III looks similar to the AirPods. The earbuds come in a single black color and add a stunning look.

Motif ANC and Minor III: Prince and Discovery

The Motif ANC and Mode III were introduced in the United States for $ 199 (approximately Rs 14,000) and $ 129 (Rs 9000) respectively. The ANC Motif can be pre-ordered from Marshall’s official website.

Earbuds will go on sale from September 30. Marshall introduced earbuds to the United States and selected European countries at the moment. It is unknown whether Marshall will launch these products in India or not.

Motif ANC: Details

The Motif ANC’s ears have 6mm drivers. It is the first Marshall TWS earbuds that come with an effective sound cancellation to turn off ambient noise.

The Motif ANC comes with closed ears and three earrings for maximum protection and comfort.

It also features sensitive touch controls to make it easy for you to communicate with your music and calls, and two built-in microphones ensure that your voice is heard.

The Motif ANC is rated with IPX5 on the earbuds and the IPX4 rated on a charge-sized charging case.

Depending on the battery, the company claims that earbuds offer 4.5 hours of play with the ANC and apart from the ANC, earbuds offer a six-hour playing time. The total playing time is 26 hours outside the ANC and 20 hours for the ANC.

Minor III: Details

The Minor III is equipped with 12mm drivers that bring excellent sound and sound quality. “Minor III comes with touch-sensitive earbuds, so you can use one to control your music and calls.

Removing and installing the earbud also introduces the automatic stop and play feature, so you don’t miss a single beat, ”said the company.

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