Many Kerala students demand for last semester university exams to be canceled

Kerala: Several students joined a campaign on Twitter with the hashtag #Canceluniversityexams. Examinations are scheduled to start offline from June 28.
A section of students in Kerala has stepped up its request to cancel last semester’s university exams which are due to start offline from June 28.

Many students joined a campaign on Twitter with the hashtag #Canceluniversityexams. They are asking the authorities to either cancel the exams or ensure the vaccination of all candidates before organizing the exams offline.

The Kerala government had given the green light to state universities to hold final semester exams offline as part of partial relaxations that took effect last week. Examinations have been postponed twice after the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the students pointed out that the pandemic situation had triggered several emotional issues among the students and that the best option to alleviate their distress was to cancel the offline exams.

Risk of disease spread
Students who spoke on social media platforms said many of them had not even received the first dose of the vaccine. With the possibilities of a third wave around the corner, hundreds of students will be at risk of spreading the disease while showing up for exams, they said.

A group of undergraduates said the government and university officials had failed to consider their mental health by insisting on holding exams offline. Anxiety and depression are among the mental health issues facing many students in this pandemic situation. Students need help to overcome their anxieties, although many need guidance, they said.

Based on reviews
However, the authorities of the Department of Higher Education pointed out that the decision to hold the exams offline was taken on the basis of the comments received from the universities.

Any further delay in the conduct of examinations will affect the graduate studies of thousands of students. The necessary instructions have been given to all universities to comply with the COVID-19 protocol and safety measures when taking the exams offline, they said.

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