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Magh Mela will start from January 14 in Prayagraj

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Magh Mela- Prayagraj: The cases of corona infection in the country are increasing at a rapid pace every day. With the possibility of a third wave, the government is also imposing all the restrictions to save the lives of the people. At the same time, in the midst of a dire situation, a tent city is loudly being built for the Magh Mela, which is held every year in the name of the faith in the Sangam town of Prayagraj, where thousands and millions of devotees are expected to come.

However, the government and fair administration have established many rules and issued opinions to protect Saints, Saints, Kalpavas and other devotees from the infection of the crown.

It is not possible to follow the Covid protocol among the crowd of lakhs.

In the Magh Mela of Prayagraj, although it is claimed to be strict and sensitize people, but the truth is that it is practical to follow the Kovid protocol among the crowd of lakhs who come to gain virtue by carrying packets of faith on their heads. It is not possible at all. Despite the outcome of Haridwar Kumbh last year, by banning the organization of the fair, while the government does not want to take the risk of irritating voters in an election year, other political parties also dare to open their mouths or raise your voice. in that case. Unable to collect.

Of the faithful coming to the fair at the holy Mahatma, they do not follow the rules of Kovid

Every year in the Magh Mela of Prayagraj, with many Shankaracharyas, almost the main saints of the country, the Mahatmas come here to perform Kalpavas or take a bath of faith. Of the common devotees coming to the fair, most of the Mahatmas and pilgrim priests believe that Corona will not be able to harm them by staying on Ganga Maiya’s lap and awakening the light of religion and spirituality in the month of Magh.

People who give and believe in such arguments enter the fair without any hesitation. He does not wear a mask and does not respect social distancing of two meters. Not only that, most people laugh at the outbreak by proving that the systems are dwarf before the faith, vehemently claiming that they are neither afraid of Corona nor very worried. This is the situation when Corona spreads very quickly in Prayagraj alone.

Corona spreads rapidly in Prayagraj

Speaking of the Sangam town of Prayagraj, there hasn’t been a single case here several days a week ago. On December 31, six cases came here. Seven cases occurred on January 1. On January 2, the report of five people turned positive. Thirty-six people were infected on January 3. On January 4, the number of cases was limited to 31, while on January 5 there was an explosion and the number crossed the hundred to 136. At present, the number of infected people in the district has increased. and has now passed the figure of two hundred and fifty.

Magh Mela de Prayagraj will start on January 14

Let us tell you that the Magh Mela of Prayagraj will start from Makar Sankranti on January 14th and continue until Mahashivratri on March 1st. In this forty-seven day fair there will be a period of one month starting from Paush Purnima on January 17th. at Maghi Purnima on February 16. Usually two to two and a half lakh saints, Mahatmas and devotees from all over the country stay here in the tent city during the whole month of Magh, in this way eight to ten lakh devotees must stay here permanently for one le whole month.

As every day lakhs of the faithful return here after diving in the faith, seeing the saints, seeking their blessings and offering prayers. Among the six major bathing festivals, in Mauni Amavasya, the number of devotees crosses the crore bar, while on Makar Sankranti – Basant Panchami, Paush Purnima, Maghi Purnima and Mahashivratri, thousands of people also gather.

Due to Covid, Yogi government issued new directive

In the midst of all of this, the Yogi government, while issuing a new directive, asked everyone entering the fair to bring the certificates of the two doses of the vaccine and Kovid’s negative RTPCR report within 72 hours. The administration of the fair also claimed to have checked these instructions at all entry points, carried out random sampling and organized the vaccination a week ago, but our team did not see it anywhere. Fair administration has also done its part.

A separate notice was also published setting out many rules. There will be fourteen entry points to the fair being set up over an area of ​​about six hundred and a half hectares in the open plains of Ganga and Yamuna, but people can also enter the fair from all others. routes. In such a situation, it will hardly be possible to monitor people, verify their certificates, and do testing and tracing among the lakh crowd when the fair begins.

13 police stations and 40 outposts were installed in the fair.

This time too, thirteen police stations and forty police outposts were installed in the fair. Offices of all departments have been opened. Many hospitals have been opened temporarily. At the same time, five thousand police officers have been deployed, but these arrangements prove to be derisory in front of the crowd of lakhs and crores.

There is a tradition of doing Kalpavas in Prayagraj itself.

Prayagraj is the only place in the world where there is a tradition of doing Kalpavas. Religious belief is that after performing Kalpavas in Prayagraj for twelve consecutive years, people are freed from the slavery of life and death. The government’s argument is that it cannot play with people’s faith by breaking their imaginations, so the fair will be held anyway with some restrictions.

Mahatma and devotees who come to the fair laugh at Covid’s rules

It can be said that even though the claims are made in lakhs, all the rules should be established, but due to these rules and restrictions, a large number of people were infected in the Maha Kumbh Mela in Haridwar last year and the fair had to be postponed halfway. . It should also be remembered that all the Mahatmas and devotees who have come to the fair now, instead of being afraid of Corona and taking precautions, they don’t care and seem completely careless. In such a situation, if you are also preparing to come to Magh Mela, then you will have to take all the precautions and protect yourself from danger or you will have to come to God.

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