MacBook, iPad production is delayed as Supply Crunch Hits Apple: Report

Google was reportedly testing the new Play Store interface back in October 2020. It was expected to work on its largest upgrade since the company released a total of material on the navigation line in 2019. Since then, there have been no major changes to the structure of the Google Play Store.

However, Google is releasing a new design for the Google Play Store, which is said to expose things and make the icons more attractive.

The new Google Play Store design has an advanced settings menu and navigation bar but the biggest change you can see is the absence of the Hamburger menu. Yes, Google removed the Hamburger menu, which was located in the upper left corner of the screen. T

he Hamburger menu is shown in three small lines standing in the top left corner. But the new design has removed the button which was the settings for the go, exit, and more button.

When you open the Google Play Store app, the first thing you may notice is the absence of a hamburger menu and a message from the display image. The pop-up message reads, “Your apps, games, payment method, notifications and other offers are nowhere to be found.”

This means that in order to access the menu to change settings, you will now need to tap your profile icon. When you tap on your image, you will be provided with a list of services including my apps and games, library, payments and subscriptions, playback protection, notifications and offers, settings, and more. So now there is only one menu for all services.

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