Launch of RedmiBook Laptops in India Continued Before Formal Announcement

The launch of RedmiBook India was mocked on Tuesday, July 20. The portable models of RedmiBook will sit next to Redmi’s name smartphones, power banks, audio devices, smart TVs, and a firm, Xiaomi confirmed during a video broadcast.

However, the exact details of the product are yet to be revealed. The Chinese company entered the Indian PC market last year with the launch of its Mi Notebook models.

It has not yet brought its RedmiBook’s series to the country. Xiaomi has introduced RedmiBook’s, RedmiBook’s Air, and RedmiBook’s Pro models in China in a wide range of preparations.

Xiaomi India Chief Executive Officer Muralikrishnan B mocked the launch of its RedmiBook series in the country during the announcement of the Redmi Note 10T 5G.

“Last year, Redmi became more than just a smartphone producer with a plan to combine phones,” he said. “We have introduced products that will support your phone and lifestyle, such as power banks, earbuds and smart bands.

This year, we took another step and even got into the smart television segment. And now, something very interesting is coming. ”

Launch of RedmiBook Laptops

Xiaomi launched its RedmiBook series in China back in May 2019. And recently brought the RedmiBook Pro 14 and RedmiBook Pro 15 laptops to the AMD Ryzen and 11 versions of the Intel Core processor.

However, the company has not yet introduced its RedmiBook models to the Indian market.

Earlier this month, a report revealed that Xiaomi plans to launch its new Redmi laptops in India. The company, meanwhile, has not yet announced which models will come directly to the market.

Along with the new RedmiBook laptops, Xiaomi is set to expand its existing portfolio of Mi Notebook in the country with the launch of Mi Notebook Pro 14 and Mi Notebook Ultra 15.6 in India over the course of the month.

Xiaomi is expected to be able to expand its share of the Indian PC market with the launch of its less expensive RedmiBook models as there has been a need for breathtaking textbooks, thanks to a growing culture of home-reading and remote reading due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

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