Kerala gas pump offers 3 liters of free fuel to rickshaw drivers amid rising prices

As fuel prices are at their peak, all auto-rickshaw drivers that drove in were given three liters of fuel free of charge at this petrol station in Kerala.

Kasargod: As gasoline and diesel continue to rise every day passing the triple-digit mark, a gas pump in a remote village of Kasaragod in Kerala distributes three liters of free fuel to all rickshaw drivers .

The price of gasoline at the pump that day was 97.70 and diesel 93.11.11 per liter. Abdulla Madumoole, who lives in Abu Dhabi, owns the Indian Oil gas station. The Kudukoli pump is located in Perla, Enmakaje gram panchayat, on the Karnataka-Kerala border.

The New Indian Express reported that starting at 6:30 a.m. on Monday, June 14, it was providing gas and diesel-free of charge. Abdulla said the decision on the giveaway was taken to help rickshaw drivers falter under lockdown and daily rising fuel prices.

Sanjeeva Maipady, who drove 9 miles from Neerchal, told New Indian Express: “In my 37 years as a car driver, no pump has ever supplied gasoline and diesel for free. But I still got 2 liters for free. Sanjeeva says that apart from the increase in fuel prices, the insurance premium has gone from Rs 6,000 for a new rickshaw to Rs 9,000 now.

After remaining unchanged for a day, gasoline and diesel prices rose again on Friday, June 18, 2021, hitting new records across the country. In the nation’s capital, the price of gasoline increased by 27 pounds while that of diesel also increased by 28 pounds.

The gasoline rate in Bengaluru surpassed the Rs 100 per liter mark for the first time today, reaching Rs 100.17 per liter, while diesel soared to Rs 92.97, according to data available on the Indian Oil Corporation website.

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