Kanpur: Manish Gupta’s wife will get government job

Kanpur- CM Yogi Adityanath has met the family of Kanpur businessman Manish Gupta. The CM has said that Meenakshi Gupta, wife of Manish Gupta, will be given the job of OSD in the Development Authority. The district administration has also been asked to propose to increase the relief amount from 10 lakhs. Kanpur-based businessman Manish Gupta was allegedly beaten to death by police in Gorakhpur. The politics of UP is hot on this issue.

Earlier, Yogi Adityanath said that two days ago a sad incident happened in Gorakhpur. I told the Gorakhpur police on the same day that a case should be registered immediately and whoever is guilty will not be spared. A criminal is a criminal. I had told the district administration here only yesterday morning that I would like to meet the victim’s family. He said that because the tragic incident has happened, it is our responsibility to associate with his pain. The guilty will not be spared, everyone’s accountability will also be fixed. The government’s policy of not tolerating crime and criminals is not hidden from anyone. The government has done what it said. Kanpur is a living example of this.

Strict action will be taken against the policemen involved in crime- Yogi

CM Yogi said that strict action will be taken against the policemen involved in crime in the state. Also they will be fired. The Gorakhpur police is accused of beating him to the death of 36-year-old Manish Kumar Gupta. CM has directed that UP’s AGD Law and Order and DG Intel should make two committees to review the character of policemen in the entire state. Also, the guilty policemen should be forcibly retired and they should also be dismissed from their jobs.

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