ISRO will launch 8 nano satellites and Oceansat-3 today Bhutan’s satellite going along

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will launch 8 nano OceanSat-3 (OceanSat) satellite tomorrow that is on 26 November 2022 at 11.56 am.

 Its 25-hour countdown started on Friday (November 25) at 10.46 am. from the launch pad of Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota. Launching will be done with PSLV-XL rocket.

Along with this, eight nano satellites will also be lauched.

Satellite features

The primary payload of the mission is Oceansat-3, the third generation satellite of the Oceansat series. The Oceansat series of satellites are Earth observation satellites dedicated to oceanographic and atmospheric studies. Apart from this, this satellite is capable of forecasting marine weather, so that the country is prepared in advance for any cyclone.

In how many hours the mission will be completed?

Apart from EOS-06 (OceanSat-3), 8 nanosatellites will be launched from Pixel, Anand from ISRO Bhutansat, two Thybolts from Dhruv space and four Astrocast from Spaceflight USA. This entire mission is going to last for about 8,200 seconds (2 hours 20 minutes). Which will be a long mission of PSLV. During this, primary satellites and nano satellites will be launched in two different Solar Synchronous Polar Orbits (SSPO).

ISRO scientists were not telling anything about the preparation of Oceansat-3. That’s why Scatsat was launched during that time. Scatsat had such technology which was fulfilling the deficiency of Oceansat. These eight satellites will be launched from launch pad one through PSLV-XL rocket. This rocket. This rocket weighs 320 tonnes. Its length is 44.4 meters and diameter is 2.8 meters. There are four stages in this rocket. This rocket can launch can launch many satellites in different orbits.

ISRO launch 8 nano OceanSat-3 satellite

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