Installing DEB in Debian programs using GUI or Terminal – 2 Ways

Deb packages are used to install various programs in Linux distros based on the popular “Debian” that is not available in official archives. Here we learn two easy ways to upload Deb… files

Just as we have .exe files on Windows to install separate software distributed by Microsoft or third-party developers; in the same way the “.Deb” packages are designed to work on Debian and its programs based on Ubuntu, Linux Mint, MX Linux, and others.

However, installing .exe files is easier on Windows than Linux, we just need to double-click them. But the same is not true for all Debian programs, however, the terminal command remains.

Installing debit packages from the Software Center

Here we use Ubuntu to show you the following steps and it may not work in all programs designed for Debian.

  • An easy way to install Deb packages using the GUI is through the installation of the Software Center.
  • To do this, download the deb file of the program you want to install.
  • Then navigate to its download folder or save it.
  • Like Windows OS, double-click on the .Deb file and the software installation will open automatically.
  • Using Ubuntu as an example, this is called “Ubuntu software” – in some programs running Debian-based Linux, other solutions are open.
  • However, the Deb file upload process will remain the same. Click “Install” and the installation will begin.
Installing DEB in Debian programs using GUI or Terminal - 2 Ways/
Installing DEB in Debian programs using GUI

Installing deb packages from terminal

Yes, the final Deb Installation command method will apply to all Linux programs based on Debian. Therefore, if you choose to use the terminal and not the click installation, this can be done again without any problems with the package manager apt.

Although we can use the DPKG tool, however, it is better to use APT over it because the package manager will see the dependencies required for the package you are installing and it will automatically resolve and install the same. This installation method applies to all Debian-based systems.

  • Open the terminal using the key combination [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [T] or click on the corresponding icon found in the app launcher.
  • In the terminal, enter the following command syntax: sudo apt install ./deb-package-name
  • Then press the access key.
  • For example, here we have the package “teamviewer_amd64.deb” under the “Downloads” directory.
  • So if we want to install it. After that we simply switch to the download directory using cd ~ / Download
  • Now, we use sudo apt to install ./teamviewer_amd64.deb.
  • When prompted, enter your password and confirm again with [Enter].
  • The credit package and all its reliance on other packages is now automatically installed by apt. The system will then be available for immediate use.
Installing DEB in Debian programs using Terminal

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