ICAI CA Exam case adjourned till tomorrow

ICAI CA Exam Update: The Supreme Court of India today has adjourned the matter on the plea seeking extra attempt, additional exam centres and opt-out option for all the CA examinees till tomorrow.

The ICAI CA withdrawal facility will be intended for students who test positive for Covid, and students with an infected family member – parents, grandparents, spouse, children, and siblings – residing in the same premises, ICAI said.

About the Plea:
The motion filed by the CA students asked the Supreme Court to ask the ICAI to include an opt-out option in the exam for the May session of the CA, allowing students to defer their application to the next sessions of these exams. . The plea to the Supreme Court had also called for an additional attempt for middle and final year students appearing under the old curriculum.

The Supreme Court plea of ​​attorney Anubha Shrivastava Sahai had also called for an increase in the number of CA exam centers. She said there should be “at least one examination center in every district in India” and the exams should be organized in a phased manner.

The filed petition also pleaded for instructions from the highest court to authorities to provide free transportation and accommodation for students amid the current Covid crisis. Admission cards for the exam can be treated as electronic passes to ensure the smooth movement of students appearing for CA exams, she added.

The CA Final, Inter, IPC and PQC exams are scheduled from July 5 to 20, 2021 and the CA Foundation exams from July 24 to 30.

Students who withdraw from the May / July exam cycle will be allowed to sit for the November cycle. “The last attempt of the old course for final and intermediate exams (IPC) will be extended until the November 2021 exams only for those students who are allowed to withdraw from the May / July 2021 exams,” a statement said officially published in this regard.

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