How To Ace Online Group Discussion?

How To Ace Online Group Discussion?

Recruitment process is very selective and crucial as all the organizations conduct several rounds to screen the best of the candidates for their organization from the pool of applicants that they get. Therefore, performing well is crucial to increase the probability of selection.

As the global pandemic hit the world, recruitment industry has turned upside down from being real to being virtual. And that is where the need for an apt guidance arises.

A systematic recruitment process involves aptitude tests, group discussions, personal interviews to name a few. Out of the most vital stages, this blog covers the elementary requirements of how to do well in an online group discussion that will make you stand out amongst the crowd.

The ideal duration of a group discussion is 15-20 minutes, within which the group members are expected to get done with their view points and draw a mutual conclusion out of it.

‘Must Have Skills’ for a Group Discussion

A group discussion is the stage that requires ‘All in One’ skills as it is a phase where all the requisites are put into test.

Leadership Skills: From being the leader by initiating the discussion, this will help you to fetch those extra credit points that will make you shine against the crowd.

Manage your social skills and behavior: While the group discussion is  going on, make sure to keep a check on your code  of  conduct by giving others an equal chance to keep their view point. The tone of your discussion should reflect politeness.

Confidence: Confidence is the key to a healthy group discussion, hence try to keep all your points at utmost clarity. If you’re not confident, it doesn’t matter how relevant your point is, it will always lack the quality it requires.

Communication Skills: As group discussion provides the right kind of environment to judge the candidate from all perspectives, it is  of utmost importance to  work on communication skills.

Listening skills: Posse sing commendable listening skills is as important as posse sing outstanding communication skills. Remember, it is a Discussion, and not a Debate. Hence, giving the other person a chance to speak and listening to the statements they deliver, will eventually help you to make the group discussion cordial.

Team Work: At the same time, it is important for a group member to transform the discussion from ‘I’ to ‘We’ which shows the quality of Team Work. Eventually, to shine out, a requirement that a candidate must have is problem solving skills so as to draw a common conclusion after the duration scoff the group discussion.

Do’s and Don’ts of Group Discussion

Since the commencement of online group discussions, the correct code of conduct has become all the more relevant, hence none has to be vigilant while appearing for the online group discussions.

Give everyone a chance to speak: As it is already mentioned that thegroupdiscussion is  not a debate, hence it should end the discussionon a peaceful note. You should give every member a chance to put his points forward. It is not advisable to interrupt in between while others are speaking as it invites a negative point against you.

Keep humble disagreements: If you disagree with the point of yours participant, then it is always advisable to keep your arguments polite. Being aggressive leads to conflict amongst the group that spoils the agenda of the discussion. It is vital to maintain the tone of  your statement if you feel to put your counter argument against flow of the discussion.

Don’t over speak: The ideal time per participant is 1-1.5 minutes. Not only does the quality of your content matters, but also the quantity. Instead of a monologue,  try to turns your group discussion into a dialogue inviting others’ opinion to  your points so as to achieve a cordialgroupdiscussion.

Don’t repeat the points of other participants: Do not speak for the sake of speaking. Your statements must add a  unique value to the conversation  and not a repetitive value. Your thoughts must give a new idea to the existing pool of ideas going on in the group discussion.

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