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How Prepared Is India To Face The Covid-19 4th Wave?

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Covid-19 4th wave: The COVID-19 virus pandemic, which was first identified in the Chinese city of Wuhan in 2019, is the worst healthcare battle humanity has ever fought. Over the past two and a half years, the country has seen many ups and downs due to the virus outbreak, however, now some states are witnessing a sharp decline in active cases. But does that mean we’re off the hook?

The deadly COVID-19 virus is not over yet. A team of researchers from IIT Kanpur says India is heading towards the 4th wave of Covid-19. Yes, you read that right, a fourth wave of the virus outbreak is expected to hit the country somewhere in mid-June 2022.

This is the same team that correctly predicted the third wave of COVID would hit the country in February. So, now the question is whether the country is prepared for another outbreak of the virus?

The government has said India is “fully prepared for the unpredictable virus” and the expert predictions are a “valuable contribution” that will help the country and people better prepare for any future surge in COVID infections.

The government is preparing for the Covid-19 4th wave pandemic. They examine the science of the pandemic, its epidemiology, its trend and its virology. All projections are based on data and assumptions.

VK Paul, Member of NITI Aayog (Health), said the government looks at economic estimates with due respect as they are scientific work produced by eminent personalities.

“Our approach is to be absolutely prepared for this unpredictable virus and at the same time to continue our work and activities responsibly. We regularly share with you our understanding and the dynamics of the pandemic and how the nation is responding to it,” he added.

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Font For Vaccination: Where does India stand?

Experts across the country have claimed that the fourth wave of COVID-19 in India will not be as severe as the second wave and the third wave, according to the researchers, even if there is a wave in the country, the consequences in terms of hospitalization and deaths should be manageable unless there is a new variant.

“The number of active cases is rapidly decreasing, and looking at current trends, we cannot say anything about a new wave in the future,” said Sithabra Sinha, a professor at the Chennai Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc).

What will be the impact of the fourth wave of the pandemic?

According to experts from IIT Kanpur, the fourth wave of the pandemic is expected to hit India in June this year and could last at least four months with its peak occurring in August. The severity of the new wave depends on other factors, including new variants, vaccination status and the number of people who received their booster shots.

There is no need to panic at this time, but people should be well prepared and take all precautionary measures to stay safe from infection. As experts say, wearing masks, regular hand sanitizing, and maintaining social distancing in crowded areas can help contain the virus and break the chain of spread.

Is it possible that there could be more variants of COVID-19?

Yes, COVID-19 is here to stay and there will be more variants of the virus. Why is that?

According to science, as long as the coronavirus spreads through the population, mutations will continue to occur. This means that the delta and omicron variant families will continue to evolve.

“The country may experience surge after surge, but the severity of these cannot be determined at this time,” Dr. R.S. Pally told TheHealthSite.com.

This means that not all variants of COVID-19 are as devastating as the previous ones. There may be new mutations and new variants, however, not all of them will lead to a new wave of COVID-19.

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