Hostinger Web Hosting Review 2022 | Genuine Hostinger Reviews History, Plans, Speed, Uptime, Performance, Coupon Codes

In this article, I will share my honest opinion about one of the best web hosting, yes I have written in detail on all the approaches about Hostinger Web Hosting Review for your Top Web Hosting Selection.

This is one time, today I am discussing here honest  hostinger india review 2022 . I will try to give my opinion on whether Hostinger is a best hosting for beginner bloggers or not.

Whenever possible, before buying any Hostinger Hosting Plans, first read all hostinger customer reviews.

Of course, they are an outstanding hosting provider, but will the support team guide you carefully or not?

If you find any issues with hostinger hosting with your blog cPanel , WordPress , or Wocommerce site, what kind of support have they given you?

Why are we questioning this even before buying web hosting Hostinger? The most important thing is that it is my first priority to do every web hosting performance review, whose information about Hostinger Pros and Cons reaches you.

Web Hosting Hostinger Review India

If you haven’t noticed this till now then let me tell you, Hostinger hostinger review is very well described on quora.

Will Best Hostinger Really Give Speed ​​and Performance with Excellent Features?

One thing is true, its starting prices in the hosting market are very low and it is also a best web hosting to save your pocket money pocket money.

If you are a blogger or digital marketing beginner and planning to start your blog with Hostinger Web Hosting, which is the first company that comes to your mind? Is that Hostinger?

There are a lot of web hosting companies available in the market right now to provide hosting plans with their servers like GoDaddy , Fastcomet, Bluehost ,Hostarmada, HostGator , Chemicloud , Cloudways , Didital Ocean, MilesWeb , Namecheap , Bigrock and many others in the list.

Sometimes finding a web hosting provider is a tedious and difficult task, especially when you are a blogging career. be new in

Hosting plays a very important role in the growth of the website , which is not seen in the knowledge of most of the beginner bloggers.

So wherever you plan to host your blog or website, you need hostinger review 2022 about web-hosting providers.

Hostinger History

Hostinger started with a free hosting and within a short span of time its popularity in the hosting market. Yes, it was first launched in 2008 by a private company named “Hosting Media”.

WebHost started offering free web hosting in 2006 through the platform , so that millions of beginners started using it.

Providing free web hosting without any ads was really a huge achievement at that time.

Another brand was launched by Hostinger in 2006 as cPanel web hosting. As of 2010, Hostinger had over 6 million users in a span of just 6 years.

Then in 2011 a new brand was created. As of now this company has more than 10 million users, because the best and fastest web hosting is available from Hostinger at the lowest price .

There was a time till 2006-2010 when Hostinger had to struggle a lot, but now they have more than 12,000 new customers every day.

In this article, I am going to share with you an honest review about Hostinger Web Hosting Reviews for 2022.

Also for webmasters of blogs hosted on other web-hosting providers, our Hosting India Review 2022 will definitely work to get a better hosting discount.

Hostinger Web Hosting Plans 2022.

Hosting plans for Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Vps and Minecraft Hosting Types have been listed on Hostinger.

Most shared hosting is sold and shared hosting is a type of hosting. In this, different names have been given to measure and understand Hosting Resources.

Where a company gives you a special location for your website in a physical server for multiple users. Where you can store and manage your website.

Is it good to use Hostinger Shared Hosting? Is hostinger hosting beneficial for WordPress?

Yes, it is not the best but it will definitely save your pocket from heating up. This hostinger reviews 2022 will give you information about the level of hostinger in website hosting companies.

Its name has been added to the list of Top Cheap Web Hosting Company and among them the top place for the best performance also belongs to Hostinger.

It is one of the best popular web hosting company because it provides you hosting at very cheap prices.

It is the cheapest as compared to all other companies as per Hostinger web hosting review. You can consider this.

Hostinger Shared Hosting Plans 2022.

Hostinger includes 3 plans for web hosting, which give different benefits for any website. We have added complete details about shared hosting hostinger below which will help you.

Single Web Hosting

In Hostinger Single Shared Hosting Plan, Estimate will handle 10000 Visits Monthly comfortably. 1 Email and FTP Account will be available, only 1 website can be hosted.

You will get 100 GB Bandwidth, 2 Cronjobs, 2 Databases, 2 Subdomains can also be created, 24/7/365 Support will be available,

The most important thing is 30 Days Money Back Guarantee is available if it is not liked. 30 GB SSD Storage will be available, 99.9% Uptime Guarantee is also there.

There is support in Cloudflare Protected Nameservers and DNS Management and the benefit of Free SSL will also be available.

The main thing is Weekly Backups is available, can also do SSH access and can host the website on WordPress Acceleration servers.

Premium Web Hosting

Estimate will handle 25000 Visits comfortably every month in Hostinger Premium Hosting Plan. It will get 100 Email and FTP Accounts Unlimited,

In this plan, the option of hosting 100 websites is available, which will get more benefits. Unlimited Bandwidth, Databases and 100 Subdomains can be created, 24/7/365 Support will be available here without any hassle.

Like every plan, this plan also has 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, if the hostinger does not like it, then you can apply for Refund.


This plan will come with 100 GB SSD storage, again 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, Cloudflare ‘s Protected Nameservers and DNS Management.

In this you will get the benefit of Free Domain, Free CDN, and Free SSL. The second thing is Weekly Backups, you can start your blog on SSH Access and WordPress Acceleration servers.

Business Web Hosting

In Hostinger Business Web Hosting Plan, Estimate will be able to handle 1,00,000 Visits for One Month. In this plan also you will get 100 Email and Unlimited FTP Accounts Unlimited,

In Hostinger’s business plan, the option to manage 100 websites is available, so that there will be no need to spend on hosting for other blogs.

Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Databases and Sub domains can also create 100, anytime for any problem you can contact 24/7/365 Support team.

Like every plan, there is a Money Back Guarantee of 30 Days in the Business Hosting plan too, if the hostinger does not like the web hosting then you can apply for Refund.

This plan will come with 200 GB SSD storage, 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, Cloudflare Protected Nameservers and DNS Management.

In this hosting plan, you will get the benefit of Free SSL Free Domain and Free CDN. There is also Weekly Backups here, SSH access will be available and it is fun to start your website on WordPress Acceleration servers.

Hostinger Plans India For Cloud Hosting

Only 3 plans will be available in Hostinger’s Cloud Hosting, in which it is available in the name of Startup, Professional and Cloud Enterprise.

If there is less traffic on your website now , then you have to go to shared hosting only, which link is given above. Cloud hosting plans are not for beginners in the budget at all.

Choose Your Best Hostinger Cloud Web Hosting Plan

StartupProfessionalCloud Enterprise
300 Websites
200 GB SSD Storage
2 CPU Cores
Free Email
Free SSL  
Free Domain
Free CDN
Daily Backups
Unlimited Bandwidth  
Unlimited Databases
Dedicated Resources
WordPress Acceleratio 
Dedicated IP Address  
Free Migration  
Managed WordPress  
30 Days Money Back Guarantee  Multiple Data Centers
300 Websites
250 GB SSD Storage
4 CPU Cores
Free Email  
Free SSL
Free Domain
Free CDN
Daily Backups
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Databases
Dedicated Resources
Managed WordPress 
Dedicated IP Address
Free Migration
WordPress Acceleration
30 Days Money Back Guarantee  
Multiple Data Centers
300 Websites
300 GB SSD Storage
6 CPU Cores
Free Email  
Free SSL
Free Domain
Free CDN
Daily Backups
Unlimited Bandwidth  
Unlimited Databases
Dedicated Resources  
Managed WordPress
Dedicated IP Address
Free Migration
WordPress Acceleration
30 Days Money Back Guarantee  
Multiple Data Centers
Check Latest OfferCheck Latest OfferCheck Latest Offer
Click HereClick HereClick Here

The highest discount is given on Hostinger on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday . That’s why if possible, at the same time, at the same time as Hostinger black friday deals 2022, if you buy Web Hosting from Cloud Hosting Hostinger, then it will be a great benefit.

Hostinger VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Servers are the best servers to handle Hostinger’s High Traffic. Although there are many problems for shared hosting but cloud hosting and Vps are the best.

VPS Hosting Plan Hostinger’s VPS 1 starts from $3.98 and VPS 1 – $80.02 for a month.

For detailed information about them, you have to compare vps plans because only then you will be able to find out the right plan.

vCPU1 Cores2 Cores3 Cores4 Cores6 Cores8 Cores8 Cores8 Cores
SSD Storage20GB40GB60GB80GB120GB160GB200GB250GB
Inode Limit131072026214440393216052428807864320104857601310720016384000
Dedicated IPYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Full Root AccessYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
100 Mb/s NetworkYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
IPV4 & IPV6 SupportYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
24/7/365 SupportYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes

VPS hosting is best for optimum speed and stability which is why it costs more.

It is configured with vPs Servers SSD Drives, Dedicated IP, Full Root Access and Ultimate Hardware, so Blazing is fast.

Hostinger cPanel Hosting

If you buy the plans and then ask whether we will get cPanel or not where we will get hostinger cpanel demo, then do not ask for it because it will not be available because they have their own made hPanel which works.

For information, let us tell you that it is less in performance than cPanel , that’s why you did not like hPanel and if you applied for Refund under Money back policy, then you will be refunded your money according to hostinger refund policy.

Then you will say that will we not get cPanel on Hostinger Shared hosting? So earlier it was not available but due to hPanel many orders got canceled due to which Hostinger also added shared hosting in the name of cPanel hosting.

Hosting Plans with cPanel Hostinger

cPanel Hosting SilvercPanel Hosting Gold
One Website
30GB SSD Storage
1TB Bandwidth
Free Domain Registration (with annual plan)
Free SSL Certificate
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited FTP Users
Automatic Backups
One-Click Installer
Cloudflare DDoS Protection
Cloud SMTP Delivery
SSH Access
Live 24/7/365 Support
Up to 50 Websites
30GB SSD Storage
1TB Bandwidth
Free Domain Registration (with annual plan)
Free SSL Certificate
Automatic Backups
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited FTP Users
One-Click Installer
Cloudflare DDoS Protection
Cloud SMTP Delivery
SSH Access
Live 24/7/365 Support
Check PlanCheck Plan

Meaning now you will also get cPanel from Hostinger Hosting but for this you have to buy Shared hosting from the right link only then you get it.

Hostinger WordPress And CyberPanel Hosting

If you have recently seen this website, then you must have seen different options in addition to the above hostings, which include WordPress Hosting and CyberPanel VPS Hosting etc.

So let me tell you, this is only a part of the marketing strategies of hosting providers because now most of the 80% people use WordPress website , then they install WordPress .

When WordPress is installed and used from cPanel, after buying Shared hosting then why do these people marketing it separately?

So the answer is very simple, as much as content can be published on the website in an eye-caching way, these people do so that beginners find it something new which does not happen.

Similarly, cyber panel is also just a web control panel which works like cPanel but in performance it is less than cPanel because it is available for free in VPS.

People who have a lot of traffic on their website buy VPS, but if they do not have coding knowledge of Linux, then they like to use it.

That is why if you see the price of WordPress hosting more than Shared hosting and see the difference between CyberPanel VPS Hosting Price from VPS plans, then do not buy them at all, but what is regular is Plans.

That’s why please don’t fall prey to them. Hostinger also provides domain but we recommend only Godaddy , Namecheap and Bigrock for domains.

Hostinger Web Hosting Review: Pros and Cons

Any web hosting has its advantages and disadvantages. Hostinger has advantages and disadvantages that you should know.

In the coming days, we are asked questions on live chat, email and our social media accounts. What are Hostinger Advantages and Disadvantages?

That is why keeping this special thing in mind, we thought it right to answer it here. We have never forced anyone to increase our sales, so what is right, you should read the reviews completely.

Benefits of Hostinger

  • Litespeed Servers,
  • There is an Uptime Guarantee of 99.9% ,
  • 24/7/365 Support will be available,
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee,
  • Except the first plan, all give Unlimited Bandwidth, Database,
  • Domain , SSL and Emails will be available for free,
  • Get the benefit of Weekly Backups,
  • Free CDN will be available for speed boost,
  • Includes GIT and SSH Access ,
  • Unlimited FTP and Cron Jobs will be available,
  • Discount is always more than others.

Disadvantages of Hostinger

  • Call support will not be available,
  • cPanel will not,
  • If given cPanel then you will get plan in double price,
  • Support is not better
  • Free CDN does not include Premium CDN.
  • Website design is sometimes a distraction.

Buy hostinger web hosting keeping all these features in mind. Everyone has their own experiences. Do share with us what is your experience.

Hostinger Data Centers, Speed, Uptime And Perfomance

While buying web hosting from Hostinger, keep your visitors in mind because it is the most important factor to choose the data center location of the country from which your most blog traffic comes.

Hostinger’s Global Data Centers has 7 places all over the world such as United State, United Kingdome, India, Brazil, Singapore, Netherlands, Indonesia and Lithuania.

Hostinger is very good for speed because their Litespeed servers use SSD drives. In fact, compared to old servers, new servers lead from blazing fast performance hostinger .

Talking about Hostinger Uptime, there should be some improvement in it because they have calculated the uptime of last 90 days as 99.77-99.98% which was not found according to their commitment.

hostinger review speed, uptime and performance

Below we have given a screenshot of the server overall uptime for your reference, which varies every month. With all

Hostinger is right for Best Speed ​​And Performance because its litespeed servers give you blazing fast performance of apache and nginx savers. Will you take advantage of this?

If you have decided to take hosting from Hostinger, then see how to get more discount in its process. Let’s see how to get discount on hostinger?

How to buy hosting from Hostinger?

Be it hostinger or any other host, everyone has almost the same registration, only the difference is in designing. For your information, we have told how to buy hostinger hosting guide below.

Create Hostinger india login in this way.

  • First of all you have to go to Hostinger website .
  • From Choose Your Web Hosting Plan, choose the plan according to you,
  • After this click on Add to Cart,
  • Choose the hosting period which includes plans of 12Month/24M/36M/48Months,
  • Create a new hostinger account by going to Create your account,
  • Choose the option to make your payment in Select payment which will be available with you,
  • Have a coupon code? I don’t forget to use hostinger promo code,
  • Now make payment by clicking on Submit Secure Payment.

Your Hostinger account will be created as soon as the payment is done. After this, to change the hostinger name server, go to the domain login if the domain has been taken from another provider.

Keep in mind that this process is not necessary if both the domain and the host are from the same hosting provider.

Should You Buy Hostinger Web Hosting or Not?

Cheap domain can be bought by paying some money but cannot buy performance and website ranking after buying wrong host.

If you want better web hosting than this which can handle millions of traffic, then we would never recommend Hostinger to you.

We have always given preference to the best, in which there is Fastcomet , Chemicloud , Hostaramada Cloudways , Digital Ocean etc. on top.

If you want good hosting for less than this price, then in the end we will recommend Hostgator and Bluehost .

Why is it so? Because cheap price web hosting can never give blazing fastest performance, better uptime and best server response time.

Yes, you will definitely get the benefit of free domain, hostinger ssl certificate for free, which can never be the best deal for good performance.

Is cloudflare hostinger free or paid?

The free plan of cloudflare is always used by all because beginners can never afford the premium plan of cloudflare because it starts from $ 20 which comes without hosting.
That’s why a free CDN with cloudflare’s free plan will be available in Hostinger, which still works well for website optimization.

How is the performance of hpanel hostinger?

Of course hostinger’s hpanel is good and user friendly for beginners but the best performance from cPanel is not at all because the biggest negative impact of hpanel will be seen more when backup upload and restore has to be done.
When hosting transfer has to be done from one server to another , then a lot of time is consumed at that time which is more valuable than money for bloggers.

Which is Best Hostinger vs hostgator?

Of course hostgator is the best web hosting 
compared to hostinger which is better than hostinger in both speed and performance.

Hostinger vs namecheap who is best?

Good performance from Namcheap will be available from Hostinger if you take Singapore server and your website traffic is from India. 
But wait, if your blog traffic is countries like us, uk, then namecheap shared hosting will give you good fast performance, this fact is known to all experienced bloggers.

Does Hostinger Really Offer Free Hosting?

Yes, but it is managed by 000webhost which gives only 300MB storage which is definitely not good for business but only for learning and time wasting.

Is Hostinger Really A Good Hosting?

The popularity of your website is low, the traffic of the website is less than 2000 per day and your budget is also less, then definitely Hostinger is the best hosting. 
But we do not suggest them for good traffic, read the complete information given above for more information.

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