Gyanvapi Mosque Case: what did Ajay Mishra say?

Gyanvapi Mosque- The investigation report in the Gyanvapi case has been submitted to the court. In the two-page report, former court commissioner Ajay Mishra mentioned the discovery of symbols and relics of Hinduism.

After the court order, the survey was carried out on May 6 and 7. In the report, Ajay Mishra said that the remains of ancient temples were seen at the corner of the northern western wall at the disputed site, on which the figures of deities and lotuses were seen. New construction has been completed on the sand-cement ballast platform at the northwest corner.

The report states that moving from north to west, there was a snake-like illustration of Sheshnag on the central rock plate. The embossed vermilion colored illustration was seen on the board. A curved circular shape was etched under the arch and 4 vermilion-colored illustrations appeared on the board.

All the stone slabs seemed to have been lying on the ground for a long time. All of these seem at first glance to be fragmented parts of a large building. Inside the barricade in the east direction and between the west wall of the mosque, there is a pile of rubble. This stone slab is also one of them.

Let us inform that today, two motions are to be heard in the Gyanvapi Masjid case before the Varanasi District Court. A request was made to demolish the wall in front of Nandi, move the vajukhana and the toilets. The case could not be heard yesterday. Another petition was filed ahead of the hearing in Varanasi court.

The Hindu side filed a petition for permission to worship the alleged Shivling. In the Gyanvapi dispute, the motion for regular worship of Maa Shringar Gauri can also be heard in Varanasi court today.

On the other hand, Maulana Abdul Batin Nomani, Secretary General of the Anjuman Intzamiya Masjid Committee, claimed that the Gyanvapi Masjid dates back to Akbar’s time.

Aurangzeb never broke the temple and built a mosque. The hearing in the Gyanvapi Temple-Mosque case is due to be held in the Supreme Court at noon today. At the last hearing, the court had asked to keep the place claimed by Shivling.

On Wednesday, the day before the Supreme Court hearing, the Hindu Sena filed a response and asked for the Masjid Committee’s petition to be dismissed. He said the committee hid many facts from the court.

At the same time, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board formed a legal committee to revise the Places of Worship Act 1991. The council said Muslims would not tolerate desecration of the mosque. The courts are disappointing, the so-called secular parties are also silent.

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