GOQii Smart Key, Junior, Smartwatch for Children 18 And Activity, Location, SpO2 Sensor Launched in India

The GOQii Smart Key, Junior, smartwatch was introduced. A smart watch is designed for kids, which is designed to track all of the important parameters, such as SpO2, body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure for a child.

It also helps parents to monitor key business indicators, and other information about the child’s health.

The smartwatch has released a number of multi-coloured ribbon, and it’s already 18 and task modes to choose from.

The GOQii Smart Key, Junior, smartwatch features a 33mm color and is approved, in order to comply with the IP68 standards for water and dust resistance.

GOCii the Smart Key, the Junior price in India, availability
The GOQii Smart Key, Junior, smartwatch costs RS 4,999.

It’s comes in several different colours to choose, to wear, as the Blue-and-White, Pink bubble Gum, Cherry, and Cream, Ocean Blue, Olive green, Rainbow, Red, Black, Santa, Red, White, Pink, Black, and Zebra.

It is available from our online store, GOQii, and will also be sold through Amazon and Flipkart.

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GOQii Smart Key, Junior, Technical specifications,

This is the GOQii Smart Key, the Junior SpO2 sensor, connectivity, and a parent-friendly tool, which can help you to monitor their children’s blood oxygen levels during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The SmartWatch has been on-going monitoring of the heart rate, body temperature, and sleep tracking.

Parents can monitor their child’s health status through the mobile app, use the GOQii, and use it in consultation with the GOQii coach of the specific objectives of the work, and to their children’s health.

Parents can also record their children’s special program for the kids, a program of the GOQii Play, behold, the diet of a healthy child, and in consultation with a pediatrician, live through the app.

GOQii Smart Key, the Junior already has an 18-activity modes, including running, walking, software, rock climbing, outdoor recreation, cycling, cricket, baseball, tennis, volley-ball, squats, dancing, racquetball, yoga, aerobics, soccer, ping-pong, and a jump rope.

The company is said to be the GOCii the Smart Key, the Junior belts are made of a material that is gentle on the skin and works well in small hands and wrists.

It’s like a classified ad, “long lasting battery”, 33mm display with capacitive navigation buttons, and IP68 water resistance.

It offers smart features such as music management, search, telephone, and smart notifications. GOQii Smart Key, the Junior also provides four functions depending on which one you choose.

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