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Google Uninstalled Fix for Chrome OS Update Caused Users to Uninstall Their Chromebook

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Google has downloaded the latest version of Chrome OS which has prompted users to lock their Chromebooks due to major bugs and announce upgrades to its expected release today (July 21).

The problem arose after users downloaded the Chrome OS 91.0.4472.165 version. Restricted users from signing back to their Chromebook accounts after installation.

In some cases, the update even created bootlooping and did not allow users to even access the lock screen.

On the system status page, Google admitted the problem and said its engineering team had suspended the update. The company has also promised to release a new version that will fix the problem.

Android Central reports that a bug in the Chrome OS update did not allow users to return to their Chromebooks after installation and created a bootloop in some cases.

While a new release of Chrome OS to fix the issue has been confirmed, Google has also provided a few workarounds to resolve the issue temporarily.

The company said users could “powerfully wash” their Chromebook, meaning they need to reset their device to factory. This will erase all data stored locally.

Google Uninstalled Fix for Chrome OS Update

Especially for users who do not have access to the lock screen due to bootlooping, they need to back up the update with a USB recovery key. This will also erase location information on the machine.

Once the updated version is available, affected users need to leave their Chromebooks on the sign-in screen to download the update automatically or update it automatically after logging in to guest mode.

This isn’t the first time a Chrome OS update has caused problems for Chromebook users.

In fact, a broken update was released earlier this month when Google pulled it off after users reported crash performance on their devices.

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