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Google Maps Crosses 10 Billion Downloads On The Play Store

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Google Maps has affected the 10 billion download mark. Only the third app after Google Play and YouTube services to access this record. This figure is not surprising, especially considering how Maps are integrated with Google Mobile Services.

Maps also has a simple version known as Maps Go, originally designed for Android Go devices or other low-end phones.

9to5Google notes that this application recently exceeded 500 million downloads. It is therefore clear that Google’s dominance in the mapping business is incomparable.

Google Maps has seen the inclusion of countless new features over the past few years Google Maps is no longer a standard navigation app as we have seen a few improvements over the past few years.

The latest app update has introduced a few eco-friendly features, including the ability to find the most fuel-efficient routes on your trip.

Additionally, customers can now compare routes to find what is best for them. Google has partnered with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) of the U.S. Department of Energy. for this to happen.

We also learned that Google Maps is testing the ability to show the cost of roads on user routes. Members of the Google Maps preview program have reportedly been notified about this new addition to the app. However, the feature has not yet come out.

It is unclear how the toll cost will be displayed within Maps. But the idea is to allow customers to decide the right route after confirming the tolls they should pay for their trip.

Google was conducting a survey on this feature back in August. It also requires input on how toll figures are displayed on Maps.

Recently, Google started providing users with new editing tools, allowing them to improve the accuracy and information provided within maps.

Customers can now add live real-time photos and add non-maps to Maps. In addition, users also have access to a desktop roadmap tool to add new routes to the system.

While Google is quick to bring game-changing features to Maps, it has somewhat delayed the arrival of the app’s Dark Mode.

Although the feature has been under review since September 2019, it took until March 2021 that this feature reached the Android version of Maps.

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