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Google is starting to remove the Movies & TV tab from the Google Play Store on Android

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The Google Play Movies & TV tab says goodbye. Android users are beginning to see Google provided the much-needed movies and TV shows disappear from the Google Play Store to facilitate the adoption of the Google TV app.

Google does not require Android users to browse, search, purchase, or rent any TV shows or movies in the Google Play Store because it is intended for the Google TV app.

With the new Featured News feed in its app, the Google TV app is what the company thinks it should use going forward.

Your previous purchases, family sharing, payment information (such as Google’s Play and gift credit cards), refunds, Google’s Play points, and even your wish list in the Google Play Store app, however, will not be affected by this change.

Redesigned web interaction is not going anywhere. But this change brings more focus to all the other tabs on the Google’s Play Store, namely, Games, Apps, and Books.

There may also be a Play Pass tab below but not everyone will see it. Also, since this change will apply to everyone in the next few weeks, if not days, you can still see the movies tab.

Google is starting to remove the Movies & TV tab from the Google Play Store on Android

Earlier this year in March, Google announced that the Google TV app “will be your home for buying, renting, and watching movies and programs on your Android mobile device or tablet” and that it will begin uninstalling Movies & TV from May 2022.

That you won’t miss out – or getting used to not seeing the Movies & TV tab in the Google’s Play Store may take some time – because Google has said Google TV will give you the same experience “you used to at Google Play Movies & TV with the latest releases , rentals, deals, and your best recommendations. ”

Google has been pointing to the death of the Play product with its media content for a long time now. It previously killed the Play Music app instead of YouTube Music.

With Google TV, the company wants to separate the video content that is streamed into the Google Play Store – although this may be a little annoying for users who are accustomed to seeing everything under one roof.

Also, Google TV does not broadcast all the content it recommends in other apps. You need to install the app on your smartphone so you can view what Google recommends.

That makes the Google TV app more accessible to other users. People who rent or buy movies or TV shows, however, will find the Google TV app useful.

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