Google Duo Gets the redesigned UI with the ‘New Driving’ button for Everything

The Google Duo will soon be redesigning the home screen with the ‘New Call’ button. The new button is said to help make calls easier.

The ‘New Call’ button will also allow users to call their assistant “Home” The new home screen (UI) user interface keeps the search bar at the top of the screen while your contacts are shown in a new format with the ‘New Call’ button.

Google says the reconstruction will reach users in the next few weeks.

A new feature in the redesigned UI of Google Duo has been announced via the Google Duo Help webpage. The post mentions that this is one of the most requested add-ons to the video calling app from Google.

The company says the new floating blue (FAB) button for ‘New Call’ will allow users to start a new call in the app, form a group, see groups and contact lists, and call your “home” phone.

The redesigned UI also removes a few previously used functionality. Users will now be able to ‘Send Messages’ by clicking on a contact or group and then click the Message button.

Users can ‘Create Groups’ by tapping on ‘New Call’ FAB and clicking on the Build Group link. Google Duo users will also be able to ‘See Contacts and Groups Existing’ by searching them or by ‘Call Call’ FAB.

To ‘Invite Contacts’, users will need to tap ‘Fon Call’ FAB and search for a contact using the search bar or the contact list.

Google Duo’s ‘New Call’ FAB is expected to be out in a few weeks. The first platform to receive the update is not specified, however, it is expected to be released to both Android and iOS users.

Over the past year, Google has focused more on Google Meet and added a variety of filters and results that were special to the Google Duo.

The next update to the first Google Duo is almost a year away, as the last update to add the ability to make Google Duo video calls to Android TV came in August last year.

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