Fraud busted in army recruitment process

Fraud busted- A big racket of joining the army on the basis of fake note sheets and age certificates was dismantled in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. With the help of military intelligence (MI), the criminal branch of the Maharashtra police arrested two officers. In this case, the police found the role of a local school principal suspect.

According to reports, the MI of the Army’s Southern Command had received information that some candidates were involved in the recruiting rallies that were to be held in different places of the army in Maharashtra on the basis of names, school documents. and different age certificates. are. This recruiting rally is organized for the recruitment of soldiers into the army.

Police searched and arrested two accused

On MI’s information, Maharashtra police arrested two defendants (Fraud busted) after raiding the Pathradi neighborhood of Ahmednagar. Computers, scanners and huge amounts of fake grade sheets, graduation papers and age certificates were recovered there. Apart from that, one also recovered the newspaper in which they used to apply to the army recruiting rallies by providing these false documents taking money from the people.

The role of the school principal was also considered suspect

Police also found the role of a local school principal in the case suspect. Because on the basis of a false School Living Certificate (LC), the principal used to admit the candidates of the class X. The police of Ahmednagar intensified the investigation by registering a file under various sections.

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