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Five players to watch as the IPL rivals are revived

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The Indian Premier League (IPL) is roaring again this weekend in the United Arab Emirates, with more than four months tied to the coronavirus epidemic in India.

With the high-octane tournament wrapped up shortly before the Twenty20 World Cup next month, AFP Sport nominates five players to watch in the white football extravaganza:
The captain of Royal Challengers Bangalore will have a point to prove as his team bet on winning the IPL for the first time, especially after his decision to step down as captain of the Indian Twenty20 after the World Cup.

His decision puts a stalemate in the ongoing dispute with Mumbai Indian captain Rohit sharma, who is expected to replace Kohli as India’s Twenty20 captain.

Kohli, who has never won a major white football title with India, had an IPL in the middle before a 198-run break in seven games, despite his number totaling 72 games.

Bangalore is ranked third in the table and will focus on the leadership skills of “King” Kohli, who will be in charge of the India Test with one-day overseas teams.

The England World Cup-winning captain has shown his worth as a leader in white cricket, but it will take a special effort to lead the Kolkata Knight Riders to the IPL play-offs.

Kolkata is the seventh of eight teams and left-back Morgan has seen his team win only twice, with 98 runs in seven appearances. Australian postmaster Pat Cummins will not be returning to help with the campaign.
Morgan is one of only two remaining captains in the IPL and Kane williamson of New Zealand at Sunrisers Hyderabad.

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He turned 35 on September 10 and KKR honored him with epithets such as “Captain Fantastic. Captain is trustworthy. Captain Marvel. ”

But international spinner Kuldeep Yadav has exposed the public’s lack of contact with the Kolkata team, increasing the pressure to find a winning recipe.

As the Taliban finished occupying the war-torn Afghanistan last month, 22-year-old Risid Khan shaken opposition cyclists at The Hundred’s first conference in England.
One of the best things about international cricket, Rashid has shown his aggressive side while resigning as Afghanistan captain by not being touched by the World Cup team.

It remains important for Sunrisers Hyderabad’s hopes to emerge from the bottom of the IPL chart. The leg swimmer, who has Mohammad Nabi, the new Afghan captain, in the team, is now in his fourth season with Hyderabad and has taken 85 wickets in 69 IPL matches.

South Africa’s Spinner is the oldest player in the 42-year-old IPL, but will play a key role for the Kennai Super Kings in the slow and competitive UAE games.

With her flowing hair, a signed headband, and a party longer than the cast, Tahir is an amazing googly anti-goose character.

After being left out of the South African team at the T20 World Cup, Tahir complained that he deserved “little respect” and was determined to prove that his country made the wrong decision with the rest of the IPL.

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India’s “yorker king” Jasprit bumrah returns to IPL career for Mumbai Indians as he leads their country’s tour in England, claiming 18 wickets in a series of endless tourist-led tests.

Through his direct action, 27-year-old Bumrah was discovered as a special talent by Mumbai explorer John Wright in 2013.

Now associated with New Zealand’s Trent Boult, Bumrah has scored 115 wickets in 99 five-time finalists, aiming for a third straight title at the start of the tournament.

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