Drone Rules 2021: Government released drone policy

Drone Rules 2021: Union Minister of Civil Aviation Jyotiraditya Scindia today announced India’s new drone policy, saying the policy has been designed in such a way that the country can fire take full advantage of drone technology. Jyotiraditya Scindia told a press conference that drones are a technology that can be used in all areas of everyday life and that is why drones have the potential to bring a new economic revolution and the employment in the country. In order to fully and safely use this capability, a new drone policy was created, in which red-tapism was completely eliminated.

From now on, only 5 forms will have to be completed instead of 25

Many previous rules have been removed in the new drone policy. In this sequence, the request for many certificates is now complete. Previously, 25 kinds of forms had to be filled out to get permission to fly drones, but now only 5 forms need to be filled out instead.

Now instead of 72, only 4 types of fees will have to be paid (Drone Rules 2021)

The fee structure has also been simplified in the new drone policy. Previously, a fee was charged for 72 items. But now only 4 kinds of fees will be charged.

India to become global drone hub by 2030

Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia was very excited about the new drone policy. He claimed that by 2030 India will be established as a global hub in terms of drones. He said this work will begin with the announcement of Drone Rules 2021.

digital sky platform

In order to control the large number of drones operating in the future for more safety and convenience, the ministry has set up the Digital Sky platform. This platform will be ready in the near future. It will be pilotless, self-interactive. If a drone tries to deviate from its predetermined path, the digital platform will control it immediately.

3 zones have been created for flying drones

Drones will not be allowed to fly in the red zone.
In the yellow zone, the drone will be allowed to fly 5 to 12 km.

The Yellow Zone will have two parts

A. Drones can fly within a 5-8 km radius with ATC clearance.
B. Anyone can fly their drone up to a height of 200 feet within an 8 to 12 kilometer radius.
green zone

In the green zone

Drones can fly without authorization up to a height of 400 feet.
At present, the weight of these drones can go up to 2 kg, which will be reviewed in the coming times.

Other highlights of the new drone policy

  1. Authorization from the DGFT will be required for importing drones 2. After the training, the DGCA will issue the pilot license in 15 days
  2. The UID number of the drone must be communicated to the DGCA.
  3. The registration of drones is mandatory as part of self-identification, whether they are micro or nano drones.
  4. Drone owners will need to provide their Aadhar card and passport details
  5. Direct access to the Digital Sky platform will be granted to security agencies.
  6. States will have the right to declare any location in their State as their new red zone. But it will only be for 48 hours. After that, they will have to issue a new order to maintain the red zone.

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