Design CEO Tesla feels that Apple products “have nothing to expect”

It looks like Tesla criticism of Apple and its products will not end soon. In this regard, the company’s chief design officer, Franz von Holzhausen, has been actively involved in technology, pointing to a lack of innovation in the design of its products.

In an interview with the Spike Car Radio podcast (aired by 9to5Mac) earlier this week, Holzhausen said there was “nothing to look forward to” about Apple’s new design.

Holzhausen shared his thoughts on the matter when asked about product designs from other companies promoting his work.

Taking an honest tone of brutality during the interview, Holzhausen began his response by talking about the Apple Watch.

He said that although he is wearing the Apple Watch himself, he has not received much use yet. The reason he wears one is because of its health benefits and not the other.

Continuing his stance on Apple products, Holzhausen said there was nothing “you could look forward to” when it came to the company’s products and designs.

He said his belief that its products were now “just a continuation” of what was a new product at the time. Because of this, he is not really inspired by Apple products.

“It’s a kind of little progress in the same thing, so encouragingly, it’s hard to be more motivated by those who do it,” he said.

Holzhausen’s statement, while bold, is not unusual in nature. Apple has been characterized by a lack of new inventions over the years, much more in construction than anything else.

While the company started with really game-changing products such as the iPod and the first iPhone, it was not introducing new ideas to its portfolio recently.

Meanwhile, its competition has taken major steps in understanding previously unimaginable. Flexible smartphones are a prime example of this.

To some extent, Holzhausen’s comments also reflect what Tesla thinks of Apple as a competitor, and how the company is able to build its first electric car.

Although the project has seen strong progress so far, it is expected to be completed by 2025. In that case, Tesla may not be so concerned about it, if Holzhausen’s belief is something to go by.

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