Cristiano Ronaldo is joining Manchester United. The biggest news of the football world right now.

Yes uh read it right, Cristiano Ronaldo is back to Old Trafford and joining Manchester United again and it is now official.

Just minutes ago Manchester United declared this on their social media handles and all the football fans are going crazy over this news because this is just unexpected from the past few days this is speculations that Cristiano is joining man city or other clubs but finally he is joining Manchester United.

This is Ronaldo’s 5th transfer in his career and might be possibly the last one because Ronaldo is now 36 years old. Ronaldo first moves from Sporting c.p to Manchester United then from Manchester United to Real Madrid then Real Madrid to Juventus and now from Juventus to again Manchester United.

Manchester United is the club where Ronaldo got worldwide recognition and fame so this will be a nostalgic moment for all Ronaldo fans worldwide.

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