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Credit Cards Advice: The use of Credit Cards is on the rise. People prefer to use credit cards, especially for bill payments and online shopping. However, when using a credit card, it should be remembered that this is a type of debt that must be paid off later.

So you need to be careful when using the Credit Cards. Today we’re telling you about some of those things you should avoid using credit cards for.

Withdraw money from an ATM
If you think withdrawing money from an ATM with a credit card is very convenient, you should think again. If you withdraw money from an ATM by credit card, you don’t have time to pay it. Interest begins to be charged immediately after the money is withdrawn. Interest can be 2.5 to 3.5 percent per month. You will also have to pay a flat-rate transaction tax on this.

International transactions
If you use a credit card abroad, you have to pay a foreign currency transaction fee. At the same time, fluctuations in the exchange rate also have an effect. If you don’t want to use cash abroad, use a prepaid card instead of a credit card.

Credit limit
Always keep the credit limit in mind when using a credit card. If you spend more than your limit, the company charges you. Using more than 30 percent of the credit limit has a detrimental effect on the CIBIL score.

There are two types of amounts owed on the minimum option credit card bill due: the total amount due and the minimum amount due. Less money needs to be paid in the minimum amount due.

If you exercise this option, keep in mind that you are being charged huge interest. Interest is charged on the full amount. Therefore, when paying, choose the option Total amount due.

Balance transfer
Use the balance transfer option wisely. Balance transfer means you can pay any other credit card bills from any of your credit cards. However, for this you also need to pay interest. Never make a balance transfer so that you pay the bill from one card to another, then the third from the second and the third from the fourth. Doing this will mess up your CIBIL score.

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